Have you ever missed a seed pod?

Aggie2(10a)August 4, 2012

So there is a weekend, my time to look at hoyas and not being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Scorching sun on the patio, 95 F and nice 70-60% humidity. Hoyas are happy, just one dry leaf on lacunosa, not a big deal, picked it and learned that this was a seed pod I have missed!!!! Talking about lack of attention! I'm so mad at myself! I guess I newer expected that this really can happen? I have seen lately giant black moth visiting my patio, matching huge caterpillars feeding on my dew drop tree in the spring, so there was a pod as a result of the night visitors!

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There is one more :o) I wrapped it and will keep an eye on it!
So there is a question to you all; what can one expect from the seeds? Would it be lacunosa or it may be a cross with carnosa or heushkelianas blooming just next to it?
Please share your experience with seed grown hoyas!

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Congratulations, Aggie. I'm glad you had a second one to play with so it wasn't too disheartening an experience.

Hoya seeds are easy to germinate if you plant them right away. There aren't really any tricks to raising them, but it takes a long time for them to reach a mature size. It helps a lot to have a dome over them to keep the soil from drying out, and they will need much stronger light than you expect.

I grew mine in the same medium as my adult Hoyas and just like big Hoyas they really loved to grab onto chunks of bark with their roots. Since they were so little, it almost looked like they were mounting themselves.

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Thanks GG, I will plant it as soon as it breaks open! I really like that seeds will germinate in chunky media, most of my plants are now in Al's mix, and they like it!

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Seed pod looks awesome! :) good luck on getting sprouts and be sure to keep us posted!

How did you germinate the flowers?

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