sidney1515May 28, 2009

We've been having rainy drizzle for a couple days. I'm going to have to work outside anyway since I have another truck load of mulch to unload. . lol

Here's a wet picture of Mikado with my watch. He takes lots of sun here.

I would love to see any pictures of your Parhelion. That one has been a slow grower for me. There should be a big jump next year. . hope hope. .

I'm thinking Parhelion's name could better be "Rip Van Wrinkle," lol. . .He's a pretty one though. . I'll try to get some pictures today if I get time.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Sidney,Parhelion is not Rip Van Winkle here. He is my best Sum and Sub sport. I have Vim and Vigor,which has been a real bust,and Sum of All,also a very slow grower,and Sum of All grows not too far from my Earth Angel,and EA TOWERS over it! Here is a current pic,taken just today of Parhelion,at the entrance of my garden. It gets afternoon sun,until the Poplar tree shade comes over it,and it seems to love where it's planted. Take a look. Phil

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Wow Phil! Lovely! How old is your Parhelion?

Thanks so much for posting this!

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sidney--here's mine and it's been a vigorous one for me!!

Here it is in 2005:

And here it is, newly planted in July 2004:

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Mikado is gorgeous and so is Parhelion. My Parhelion should be called Stubborn Mule. It just stays the same puny size no matter what. I know, I know, move it. Which is just what I'm gonna do.


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Just lovely Janice!!! Thanks so much for posting it. . Lainey, maybe your Parhelion and mine are out of the same litter. . .lol

I'm going out to speak mean to mine. . .

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Ooops--I meant to include how AWESOME your Mikado is, Sidney!!
It makes up for your stubborn 'Parhelion', don't you think? Maybe not--so just move yours
to another location and give it a good swift kick, er, dose of watering this year and some alfalfa
pellets and see if it doesn't respond properly!! ;o)

LOve, love your 'Mikado'!!!

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Sidney,I think my Parhelion was planted in 2005,but I may be wrong. Oddly Janice's,was what inspired me to look for one! It was originally planted deeper in my garden,but I thought it should be in more sun,so I moved it. Apparently,I was right! Phil

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