Carolina Jasmine?

tom123_gwMarch 6, 2009

I have one draped all over a Crepe Myrtle and have not seen a hummingbird visiting it. Right next to it I have a Cape Honeysuckle growing on another Crepe Myrtle and the hummers love it.

Does anyone know if the hummers like the Carolina Jasmine? I suspect it isn't a favorite.

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Your suspicion is correct, Tom. Despite the trumpet-shaped blooms, carolina jasmine is probably a third choice for most hummers. There's a lot blooming at the same time they like better, and is the red color they're more attracted to, at least initially. It's too bad, because it is a neat vine with a nice fragrance. But alas!...hummers don't seem to be all that attracted to fragrant plants.

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