new and no hummer s yet.

ashcraftbunch(8)April 25, 2009

I am new to hummingbird garden's and that is what I am going for besides my daylilies and I have 4 feeders up I have salvias blooming and petunias and Have tons of moring glories and cyperss vine coming up. Can I get some more people to tell me what they have done to attract the flyin jewels to their yards and new beds? My feeders have been up for a month and nothing yet and the migration map has them everywhere around me. Thanks ahead tp everyone that is willing to help me out...


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My wife and I have had our 4 feeders out for a month now as well. Until about a week ago we thought we had no hummers. Last Saturday I went to change the feeders with some fresh nectar. Usually I do this around nine in the morning, but my son had Tball that day so I did my chores (funny it was my wife who wanted the feeders in the first place, but some how I ended up with the cleaning and changing. lol) around 6:00 am and while gathering the feeders for cleaning I was buzzed several times. Seems we have early morning visitors for the time being.

Last year my wife and I setup our first feeder. We got lucky and within a week it was being visited non-stop. Enjoying their company we bought several more feeders. By September we had over two dozen hummers visiting from sun up to sun down. I know it's hard, but be patient and I know you will be rewarded.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

What state are you located in? Adding addtionbal plants may help but it would be easier to suggest plants knowing where you are.

P.S. They are all around me too but I am still waiting also.

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

I'm in the same boat. Hummingbirds have been reported all over my area for the last week, but I have seen none at my feeder.

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Jamie I notice you are in zone 8. If we should be close enough together I would love to give you some hummingbird plants.

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I have been adding

new flowers and more feeders out but no sign of any yet.. It has been raining non stop for about a week now so maybe after this goes over it will bring some in.
I live in the NE part of louisiana and wold love to know about more plants that row good here for them....


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The type of salvia is also very important Tall salvia's
like S.coccinea, S. guarnitica "Black & Blue" there maybe
some specific's which I cannot answer because my speciality is Salvias.Specific hummingbirds will visit certain plants.
I have had people tell me that Hibiscus (Red Forms) seem
to bring them in. Hummersteve or someone from this forum should be able to help you on specific's of which hummer your trying to feed.We had ruby throats come through about a month ago on their migration.Good luck! You may want to make a post on the salvia forum about your plight also.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I am origianlly from northwest Louisiana. Here are a few perennials that will work well for you
Native columbine for spring blooms (Perennial)
Coral honeysuckle is a native honeysuckle (Perennial)
Silene regia and Silene virginica are early spring bloomers (Perennials)
Coral Bells is another spring bloomer (Perennial)
Salvia Lady in Red and Coral Nymph are excellent annuals
Salvia Black & Blue should be a perennial for you
Salvia Darcyii will be a perennial
Salvia greggiis will be perennial
Salvia subrotunda (annual)
Canna indica is another excellent plant should be a perennial for you
Cuphea ignea 'David Verity'
Aniscanthus wrightii
Hamelia Patens


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Jamie, I'm in zone nine. A variety of Salvia, especially Black and Blue along with a Honeysuckle close by will be irrestible to your hummers, no matter your zone.
It's fun to watch the hummers get distracted by the blooms when they are headed to the feeders.
In northern Lousiana you will have mostly Ruby Throated hummers.

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