scottrell(10AFl)November 24, 2007

Can I grow peas in my zone? Anyone had any luck?

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peggy_g(Melbourne,Fl Z9)

Yes. What kind did you have in mind? Southern peas are warm weather crops and English and snow varieties are cool weather crops.

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I love all peas, just do not know what will grow for me this winter in my zone 9. I used to grow peas when I lived up North. This is my first winter gardening in Fl. I gues I will look into Southern Peas. thanks for looking, what kind do you grow? Do you know where I can get seeds? Thanks Sharon

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just today i planted my sugar snap peas and tall telephone english peas. you can grow with great success any pea this time of the year, barring hot weather in february (not unlikely). the edible-pod varieties are most productive, but i also like the english peas. remember that you can eat the tendrils, so plant lots and then thin.

i'm trying a new intensive, vertical design... if things work acc to plan (highly unlikely, but i can hope!), i'll grow four crops in a 4' diameter circle.

check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: peas and carrots and radishes and chard

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Hey AIMA, that 4-foot circular layout looks really cool! Did you buy the English pea seeds here locally (Deland) or did you send away for them? I'm still looking for a seed source close by, but the places I've looked all seem to have limited choices.

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peggy_g(Melbourne,Fl Z9)

Scottrell, Wait for warmer weather, March-Sept., to plant southern peas: Zipper cream is my favorite. Now is the time,Sept.-Feb., for edible pod snow type and English peas. My favotite is Sugar Snap. These grow tall and can usually be found locally. Think I bought mine at Home Depot.

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

You mean I didn't miss my opportunity to plant my peas!!! I thought it was too late. Life gets busy and ... well I have Ferry Morse peas early maturing packet. So I guess these are English peas, since they are green and grew up on them way up North? Now that the sun sets differently, what type of sun should I put them in? Sun then shade, or all sun? Can I plant my green onions along with them? I know some plants don't like to be near each other, but don't remember who likes who, etc. My tomatoes are doing great and I have them where I can put plant covers over them if it may frost heavy or freeze. I planted marigolds among them in hopes of keeping some bad tomato pests away. Pretty anyway, if it works or not!

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i get my seeds mail-order, from whomever has an interesting variety... i spend too much on seeds, and end up tossing half of them 'cause they don't work for me... but, slowly, i'm developing a repertoire of reliable seeds for this area.

re sweet peas: i'm trying Snap Pea Super Sugar Snap V.P. from Burpee this time.

for prices and selection, it's hard to beat pinetree seeds. i also like southern exposure:

LOTS of great stuff for our area.

about warm-weather peas: i think all cowpeas grow well here, but i've had tremendous luck with mississippi silver. they are STILL producing peas for me... and i noticed all over my yard new seedlings sprouting. i'm not even sure how the seeds got there. it's a great tasting, very vigorous, low maintenance, drought-tolerant, sun-lovin' high-producin' plant. and pretty blooms, too! don't forget that the leaves, when young, make a pretty, sweet and nutritious addition to salads... i had a few salads this summer with nothing but sweet potato leaves, amaranth, and cowpea leaves... delish.

i have so many seeds... if anyone wants some mississippi silver, drop me a line at centralfloridagardener atty thing gmail dottything com.

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