Some missing :(

barbzeeeApril 17, 2009

I have noticed that my little friends are not coming as often and infact they have dwindled down to just a few...Sad..or perhaps they've found another feeder else where...I have only 4 now..Where I had over was a busy feeder for sure...but maybe the word got out I'll be heading up north..Ya think ?

Sure do enjoy having my morning coffee with my friends..

Almost done getting house finished up so I can head out on the 25th...but did make sure I packed some feeders..:)

Hope you all are busy watching your friends too..

God Bless


PS these pictures you all have been posting are just amazing..

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Hi Barb,
I think your little friends left for Penn. They are up there impatiently waiting for you.
Seriously, I have noticed the numbers of hummers here changes sometimes when the weather changes. I think I have new hummers here now, and more than ever.
It has rained here nearly all day, but that hasn't stopped my hummers getting to the feeders. They seem to like it.
Have a safe trip to Penn.

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Rob, Thanks so much for the kind words.. I was beginning to think maybe they like some other nectar LOL...I still have a few in the morning..that enjoy their spot..infact they take their time and drink from the fruit of the vine (feeder)..and I think..ok..maybe fermentation is a good thing :) ie wine :)...true Italian that I am..

Oh, I bought a couple of plants too that I put for next time they should make those little sweeties happy..

I'm kind of anxious too, see what group I'll get visiting me in Pa.. and the nice thing I can sit out on my front porch and watch..I'll hang the feeders from the porch..

I also sent this page to my home computor so ya all just know I'll still be able to pop in and catch up on what's happening..

Rob, I can only imagine your balcony is buzzing..with all those plants..You have to be so relaxed watching..

Ok..fess up with some more pictures...that's how I learn ya know..

Back to work I must get..need to finish another room and then take a long break..a long long break..

God Bless


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Ok, Barb. Here's a picture of a female from last year. Looking over her shoulder at me as if she were thinking 'who is that old man with the camera? hideing behind his fern?'

I like the yellow highlights in her green feathers. Doesn't she look sweet!!?

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Rob, Sweet she is !!! I love the coloring..goodness you get some really great close ups.. I'm tellin ya I got a wish list and on it is a "new" camera.. yeppers, I'll settle for Christmas...come on Santa hahaha ...

Today I had some company..yep I had at least 6 come..and best of all I had 3 at one time on the feeder..they must have been females..Sorry Gents but it seems that the boys are a bit of a He Man type..they demand their space hahaha...but now I feel better cause I thought they left me..

Oh and I took some pictures of my other bird feeder ..have to post that on the other forum ..cause it's a I Don't Know Bird...a beauty though..

I figured cause it was was the blue bird of happiness cause my Hummers were visiting...they came all around the same time...

Sound good...might even make a good bed time story...LOL

Ok, speaking of which...Good night all...

God Bless


Rob..good picture can take a bow on that :)

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