chicken waterer

houstontexas123(z9a)April 21, 2011

last year i planted a few honeysuckles along part of my fence. seen a few hummingbirds throughout the summer. this year i am thinking about getting some hummingbird feeders.

looking through this forum i found a link to a video showing a red saucer/bowl with about 20 hummingbirds perched on the rim and drinking. think the video was taken in/around Denver, CO.

i used to raise chickens. for the baby chicks i had a quart sized waterer. looks like this but smaller.

thinking of buying one or two and trying it out.

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I would suggest getting a regular feeder. You will have loads of bees and wasps if the nectar is out in the open like that. Also, I would suggest adding some more hummingbird plants that bloom for longer periods of time(its the safest/easiest/most natural way to feed hummers). Try some firebush and some black and blue salvia (their guarenteed to bring in large numbers).

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

I agree that you do not want to leave a large volume of nectar out in the open. It will be covered with bees and wasps, and the Hummers won't be able to use it. I do love that chicken waterer though. I bought one at my T. Supply, filled it with water, and hung it in a tree for my songbirds!! They love it, and so do the squirrels. It gets lots of visits!!~~Angie

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