Snow and Hummers

salliestarrApril 23, 2012

A fine snow is falling here in SW VA and temps in mid 30s. I've seen two hummers at my feeder this morning. Amazing that they are here in this weather. Do they go into a kind of stupor in this cold weather? They look in great shape and must have had a good buffet on their northward trek. In fact one was feeding and chased another off......quite active. Hope they stay warm tonight!!!

Any ideas of algae control for a fountain that will not hurt birds or golden retrievers? Wondering about vinegar?


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Hi SS,

Stupor is what I go into when I've had too much Tequila. Torpor is what the hummers go into when it's too cold. They'll be OK, the little ones have been enduring sharp changes in weather for a looooong time.

And yes, vinegar would work great on your fountain.


Here is a link that might be useful: Info

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LOL.....knew I was close :-) Thanks for correcting me! They were here just a few minutes ago at the feeder. It's in the 40s but predicted low 30s tonight. Wish I could let them in my sunroom for the night. Good news re vinegar. I knew it wouldn't hurt my dogs but wondered about birds. I have a frog living in it fish though. Vinegar will be greatly diluted by the time the hummer

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sallie, I think I misunderstood your question about the vinegar. I thought you were going to clean the fountain with vinegar, but you're wanting to mix vinegar with the water to control algae? It probably won't hurt the birds, but they may not drink it. I'd be more concerned about the frog - they have very sensitive skin (think acid rain).

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