Yay, My first sighting early this morning.

davesselsApril 18, 2014

I was sitting at my back door at about 6:45 drinking coffee, about 20' from the feeders, when I heard this hum/buzz. I looked up to see a hummer, fly to ward my windsock, then turn back to the feeder that is about 3' off the ground in the garden. It wasn't light yet, so I really couldn't see the coloring on it. It drank form two different petals on the feeder for about a minute, then flew off to the west. I was not camera ready! LOl
I was so excited I don't think I took a breath the whole time. I was telling my MOM yesterday that I did not expect to see any until their journey south. All feeders are clean and full, ready for more. And yes, I did report it on "Journey North", not many sightings in the Panhandle reported.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

So exciting, Debra. I'm thrilled for you. Still waiting for mine here in St Louis.

Last summer I was up a few times right before it got light and that was a time they were very active. So it was the best time to catch them. Right before dusk is another time when they all seem to come to stoke up for the night.

I'm going to bet you'll see more and more of them now. They're out there and some of them will stay and breed. I hope you'll let us know as you get more.

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Thank you for the Dawn and Dusk tip mehitabel, I am always up early, and it is usually very calm, but in the evening it is usually windy this time of year until after dark. In answer to your post on 'What is blooming', I have nothing blooming at this time, I have a ton of things planted but no blooms at this time. I put out four feederz, as suggested by other members, a colorful windsock, even adding some red florescent tape that we had. I am sure that helped as we are on the very edge of town, and this little guy must have seen my red and decided to stop by. So glad he/she did. I will be watching this evening.

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