Where did the birdwatcher forum go?

rachel_frome_kyApril 5, 2009

Did Gardenweb discontinue the birdwatching forums?

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Also wasn't there a wildlife forum at one time? Now all I can find is the wildlife garden forum.

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Gardenweb says that garden gnomes wreaked havoc with their forums and they are working to reverse their mischief! I have no clue what that means! I googled this hummer forum, then clicked on birdwatching forum and it seems to be working. The bluebird forum is up and running too, at least for now! I think they are still working to get things back to normal.

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PKponder TX(7b)

That happened to me yesterday, but it was back to normal a few minutes later.


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How did you get to the bird forum from here?

I googled this hummer forum to get on Gardenweb, but whenever I try to click on the forums on the toolbar and go to the "Nature Forums" I get a message saying "Services for this domain have been discontinued"

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Rachel, when on this hummer forum, scroll to the top and you should see "related forums"..then click on birdwatching. I only frequent the bird forums, but maybe Gardenweb is still working on others. I've not had a problem today with the bluebird, hummer and birdwatching forums. BTW, I absolutely love your posts...your pics are awesome!


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