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kwyet1(z6 CT)April 28, 2009

...I need to re-paint the metal base of my feeder. This is my question: if I use the standard outdoor metal paint (Krylon type?). After it dries, is it toxic to the hummers?? Does anyone know???



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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I would think that once it is dry and no parts of the base come in contact with the nectar or feeder ports, it should be fine.


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Will the paint come in contact with the nectar?...if so, I'd think twice. You might even consider switching to an all-plastic feeder, which are generally easier to clean and change nectar anyway.

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kwyet1(z6 CT)

Unfortunately the ports are part of the base. I suppose I could spray the paint onto a paint brush first then paint around the ports???
I do have several of the plastic ones...but this one is such a pretty round glass one with a plastic (bottom section) and the red metal is the top part of the base with the flower ports. It's really pretty and since I haven't broken the glass yet (as I normally do)..I would like to keep using it.
Thanks for your responses,

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Call you local vet who specializes in birds. S/he should be able to tell which paint to use. Years ago when I had a parrot, there was a particular brand of paint for use on cages. I cannot recall the name, but it was recommended by an avian vet. Also, pet shops that specialize in parrots should be able to tell you as well.

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davemidohio(5 OH)


Somebody on this forum, a long time ago, had what I thought was a good saying,"The pretty ones are for people, the practical ones are for the hummers."

But let us know what you find out about the paint! Might come in handy to know.


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