Hummers and other birds

sandandpinesApril 29, 2008

I recently purchased two tower-type trellises that have a small bird statuette on top. I have planted vines that hummers like in the pots that the trellises are in, and have two small feeders near the statuette birds too. The little statues look like small wrens or sparrows, and are black wrought iron. Now I am wondering if the bird statues might scare off the hummers?

Also we have three feeders on a cross-post in our yard that the hummers liked last year, but have seen none this year.

My husband wondered if the hanging baskets I put there are keeping hummers away. Right now those baskets have tiny bridal veil plants coming back from last year and nothing else in them.

Do small bird statues keep hummers away? Hanging baskets??

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I don't know about the statuettes, but I have my feeder hanging next to a hanging basket of ivy and that has not deterred them as of yet. Hope this helps.


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The bird statues will not scare the hummers. Unless they come to life and attack.

Hanging baskets will not scare hummers fact, if they're planted with hummingbird-friendly flowers, they will do the opposite. But even with your bridal veil, they'll be fine. They're just a little late coming up for everyone, from what I read on here.

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Thanks for the replies! We had them a bit earlier last year, but this year we have had a cooler, wetter spring so far. Maybe that's part of the delay in seeing them?

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