Waiting For Hummingbirds

waiting4hummingbirdsApril 30, 2007

Okay, this is my first year to really try to attract Hummingbirds. I am very anxious and very impatient! :) Last week I put out two feeders, quite a bit of red salvia, and a red penta plant. I have other flowers as well, but those are the main ones that I have that hummers are attracted to. Can anyone tell me if hummers are already out and about in my area (North Texas)? Any suggestions on attracting them quickly? :) Thanks for your suggestions!

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The hummingbirds have been migrating back through for about a month. I'm in central Texas and have had a ruby throat pass through and have a male and female black-chin who reside in the area.
If this is your first year it could take quite a bit of time for them to find you. Are you in the city or out in the country? If they already have preselected areas out, this could be a reason why they don't always find you at first.
I remember my first year I put greggiis and feeders out. It took a couple of months before one showed up. Just keep a look out. Once you see one, they should show up more often.

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Thanks for the insight. I am in the city, so yea I figured it might take me a little longer before I see any. I go out constantly throughout the day hoping to see one. I'll just keep waiting and hopefully they will find me soon! :) Thanks again!

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Just be patient. It will take time and they will find you. I never even knew they existed in the city. You hardly see them. I did that my first year also. I kept going outside and checking to see if I had any! Don't give up!

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