West Chester PA feeders, when?

jjdbikeApril 30, 2011

I'm in West Chester PA. I have a decent hummer garden but of course nothing for them is blooming yet. My Holly is blooming & the bees are all over it. I actually thought I saw a couple hummers & got excited but I now believe they were simply big bumble bees. I'm a teacher & while school is in it hard for me to get time to deal w/ feeders but I get so much joy from them in the summer so I don't want to miss an oppratuniy to attract some to my yard. My question is, when do I need to have them out by for my best chance to attract them to hang w/ me for the summer?



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Now. :)

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Perhaps they were hummers!?!

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Was too busy up till this Sat (5/07) so I put it up Sat am. Sun 5/08 lunck on the deck we saw our 1st hummer!!!! Other than bleeding hearts I have no atracting or nector hummer pants. I need to get busy quick!

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