Best Honeysuckle vine for Hummers?

sandyinva(7A)April 6, 2009

My nameless honeysuckle vine ultimately died after 20 years, I have not been able to fnd it on line, so I'm ready to start over, If you could only have one honeysuckle vine, which would you choose? And do you know a mail order company that carries it?

Thanks in advance.

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You are probably looking for our native honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens. Several cultivars include Alabama Crimson are virtually everblooming, others like Cedar Lane bloom just once. Look for one that stays in continuous bloom from spring at beyond frost. Some years here in South Jersey it blooms until after New Years.

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I asked about blooming vines here and got lots of good responses, including suggestions for Honeysuckle. This link will take you to the post

If the link doesnt work, search for Blooming Vines. The post was on Feb 13. 2009.

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Thanks, Rob,
The link worked, earlier ones I had tried this week did not; thanks. All I have done the last two days is check out vines. I have decided I need to set up a trellis by the garage as well as redo the honeysuckle on the arbor b/c I can't narow it down to just one.

I think my old honeysuckle was golden flame, Loved it, but it seemed susceptible to powdery mildew.


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Yes, coral honeysuckle is a good one and I have it, but my sister swears by lonicera x heckrotti " goldflame honeysuckle" I read somewhere that it has a higher nectar content that the others, but dont quote me on that.

Here is a link that might be useful: goldflame honeysuckle

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I bought a Coral Honeysuckle about a month ago. It's grown two feet up the balcony railing since I repotted it in a large container. It's just beginning to bloom.
Can't wait to see if the hummers go for it.

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Hi Rob,
Kkeep me posted on the coral honeysuckle and the hummers; So far, the reds I have come across in the area are found dropmore red, and Alabama Crimson; I also saw Mardi Gras but am unable to tell from pictures on line if it is very bright in bloom.


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Goldflame is terribly mildew prone, but the hummers & I loved it, anyway. However, it died this winter, and I purchased what I was told was a 3 gallon Goldflame. Got it home, and it's Mardi Gras, but it's more flamboyant, to me, than the Goldflame. Sadly, it has no scent, and the Goldflame smelled heavenly.

Stopped by another nursery, and ended up with an Alabama Crimson, too, so now have 2 new honeysuckles, and 2 different Cross Vines.

Now, just hope my Mockingbird & I can agree on her babies fledging, and me erecting some cover for her summer nesting spot while I get the Mardi Gras in the ground!

Best honeysuckle for hummers? They love them all, but make sure it's one that blooms all summer. Goldflame, for our area, was neck-in-neck with the last spring frost. It was always in bloom when the first hummer arrived in a cold spring weather.

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I have just bought 2 cape honeysuckle (Tecoma Radicans). The tag is saying it is a large shrub. I have researched the internet and believe it is the pretty much the same as trumpet creeper/trumpet vine (Campsis Radicans). I have it in a planter right now and I can tell that it is growing within the 2 weeks that I have transplanted It. I am building a flowerbed along a lattice fence row (for hummers)and I want it to cover the fence but I also want it to be a year round plant. If I plant it in this fashion will it take up the whole flower bed which is about 5-6 deep and 40 feet long? I bought it just for the hummingbirds and had planned to keep it in the containers. Any suggestions on this plant or does anybody have this plant? If so I would like to hear of your history with it before I plant it in the ground. And is this the same plant as trumpet vine or is there is slight difference?
Thanks for any help.

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Sandy, I just got home from a weekend away. My coral honesuckle had bloomed a lot while I was away, and the hummers have finally noticed it. The blooms hang down, forcing the hummers to point their beaks up. They don't seem to have a problem with that. Looks like a winner for hummers.

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I can't let a honeysuckle thread go by without cautioning anyone and everyone against planting lonicera japonica, Japanese Honeysuckle. It also goes by the name of "Hal's Honeysuckle" sometimes...I've even seen it for sale at Home Depot. It has pure white blossoms and smells heavenly for a couple of weeks in late spring...but that's where its positive attributes stop. Then it takes over the garden and your neighborhood and is an unbelievable invasive nightmare. Stick with our native Goldflame...a truly wonderful plant whether you want to attract hummers or not!

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