My cute little story ....

barbzeeeApril 4, 2009

Well, I'll try again.. I wrote this cute little story and poof it was here goes one more time..

Yesterday while sitting in my comfy big chair and attempting to finish my afghan (which I've been working on all winter) I saw something fly by my window..and then again come back..and then just stay there.. looked up as out the corner of my eye I wasn't sure what I was seeing..thought perhaps a bug...but nope..not a was the humming bird...flying back in fourth in front of my window...couldn't imagine what in the world ????? So I got up looked out the window and only saw the big crow sitting on the water fountain..which was no biggy as the hummers have not been bothered by this... but this little hummer was still flying back and I got up and went out side...and the hummer flew away.. I went over to the feeder...Yep, it still had had debris over the holes so I cleaned that with the wind lately lots of dust has been with that I said, "Ok, you can come back and eat" jokingly...and I went inside and as soon as I did..the dang hummer came back and took it's drink..for a good bit too... I started to laugh...Now if somebody told me this.. I'd a thought ..yeah sure you did...but it did happen and to me !!! Well, if that don't take the cake..!!! Now having to convince my friends this happened... they'll think the ole gal has lost her mind..perhaps I have...but one thing... I now know I've been trained..not only by my dogs but by my hummers..... thought I'd give you a few good chuckles for the day....

God Bless

BarbZeee... trained by a little bird

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You don't have to convince us. We know. That's one of the reasons we love them so much.

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sudimari(z5 IN)

Thank you for the smile!

According to the migration map they are showing up in my area...put my feeders out tonight...hope they don't freeze on Monday!


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BarbZeee, cute story. Can't imagine why anyone would question it. No one here, for sure.

Coopersburg, PA
Zone 6

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