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I have a two year old hoya carnosa that i grew from a cutting given to me by my mother in law. It hasn't flowered yet, but a flower bud appeared a few weeks ago - I was overjoyed as I had not expected this from my young hoya! However, shortly after a book from a shelf above it fell on one of the stems with young leaves and partly broke it :( It seemed to heal itself, but after a while the leaves on this stem started to turn light green instead of their usual dark green. Also, the new bud (which thankfully is on another stem) immediately went sloppy and stopped developing.

My question is: shall I leave the broken stem in the hope that it will improve, or shall I cut it, and try to put it in water to see if it roots? As I mentioned the leaves on this stem are quite young, so I wouldn't want to cut it if it would have low chances of surviving.

Many thanks in advance for your advice.


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If you think it's damaged, I would go ahead and cut it off. There's no point in having your plant put energy in trying to salvage that piece. If you cut it back, it will take that energy and work on producing a new, vital vine. I've learned there's nothing quite like a little pruning that will set the growth hormone juices flowing! If you try to root it, it may or may not make it, but either way, your mother plant will be happier without it.

Denise in Omaha

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