Muphasta Web Cam is AMAZING!!! One egg hatched!

eigdeh(z6 NJ)April 20, 2010

Muphasta's post here on the forum -

Has to be the most significant post on this forum, ever!

If you have not checked out his web cam do so now. One egg hatched and the other will soon. We are all in for a real treat, a once in a lifetime experience.

I am surprised that his thread has not generated pages of replies, is this site dead? It should be jumping this time of year. :c(

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct link to Muphasta's broadcast

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Thank you very much! I appreciate your post. I just wish I was home to hit the record button! I knew I should have come to work late this morning!

Oh well. I hope she'll be back next year and I can do even better!

I'll save some $$$ up and get a wireless webcam that has night vision or whatever it is called, upgrade my computer so I don't have to wait until after dark (when I shut the camera off) to do email/web surfing, and be able to record segments.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your post!

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