Grapes in South Florida

nfmgirl(10b Cape Coral, FL)November 25, 2008

I am thinking that I would really like to grow some grapes, both for myself and for the birds. So when is the best time to plant grapes? I assume that they should be planted in full sun?

I currently have trellises covered in jasmine on the north and south sides of my lanai. I was considering getting rid of one of these vines and replacing it with grapes. The jasmine seems to be doing pretty well on the north side, but not as well as the jasmine on the south side. I haven't lived here long enough to see the jasmine in bloom yet, so I don't know for sure whether the jasmine on the north side blooms. I'd hate to get rid of the jasmine on the south side to then discover that the jasmine on the north side is stunted and doesn't bloom.

So, when should grapevines be planted, and should they presumably be planted on the south side of the lanai? Thanks for any info!


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Bunch grapes do not do well here. Muscadines and Scuppernongs are about all you can grow, but they grow like weeds. You can usually find them in most local nurseries. This time of year, usually the grocery stores sell them as well, so if you find some, just buy them and plant the seeds.

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Heather, there are a lot of varieties of grapes that do great here. You have to pick them for disease resistance, just like tomatoes and some on what variety they are grafted to.
We even have a lot of people growing grapes here in the Keys.

Here's a link to UofF Extension Service on grapes and the varieties they recommend:

and a link to the FGGA - Florida Grape Growers Association,
You might contact some of them and see what they recommend:

I grow Conquistador which is a old timey bunch grape here in the Keys.

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There is a misconception that bunch grapes do not grow in Florida, but there are varieties that do well here.. Visit Eden Winery in Alva, just west of Fort Myers or Henscratch Vineyards in Lake Placid. Eden has varieties developed by the Univ of Fla, I bought some vines ten years ago and they are thriving. I suggest that you grow only those varieties that are proven for your area.

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nfmgirl(10b Cape Coral, FL)

Thank you all for your input. I'll do a little more research and not rush it. Thanks again!

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Heather---It is best to buy your grapes already rooted in pots. They are cuttings from named varieties. The muscadines come in 2 types: bronze and black. An important consideration besides growing a variety for your area, is to find out if it is a variety that is self pollenating or that it needs a pollenator. If the plants are in pots, they can be planted at anytime.

I have a friend in Orlando area that has been growing the bunch type 'Conquistador' grape for years now and it has been a good one.


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