Red Buttons Success Story

moonwolf_gwAugust 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

A few years ago, I gave my best friend's mom some cuttings off of my (now deceased) pubicalyx "Red Buttons". She posted photos of it today on Facebook, and I was thrilled to see it budding up for her! It does my heart good to see it live on :). It also made me realize, how much I miss having a pubicalyx "Red Buttons" and that it had a scent that I enjoyed a lot. So far, the plant I gave them is going to have two umbels :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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That's great! It really does give a good feeling when a cutting you've given to somebody flowers and gives them joy! Maybe you could get a cutting back if the plant is big enough? ;)

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Yay! I have a cutting of this plant and it's working on rooting. Maybe I can give you a cutting once it is big enough. :) We live in the same state so it should be no problemo.

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Yes Brad it is a reward to see gifts of hoya be successful, hope you can get a cut. I did just get that Hoya and it is rooting. I give my NOIDS to relatives and little kids if they take an interest. ~ Mary

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Thank you for the offers and comments, everyone! Yesterday, I just happened to find Red Buttons for sale over at Joni's and listed on this month's sale no less. You can draw your own conclusions LOL.

Klea, let me just pause for a moment and give you a warm welcome here to the forum! Gardening makes me happy in general :).

Goddess, well hello there neighbor! ;). I hope your cutting roots for you! This is such a nice Hoya to have in your collection. Then again, the pubicalyxes are such a good Hoya to have period. What's not to like about these guys?

Emt, I just LOVE giving rooted cuttings from my own plants away as presents. My eldest niece, who's 13 tomorrow, loves helping me in my garden and I gave her a couple plants for her windowsill. One of them was a small pot of some rooted plain green carnosa :). One of her presents I'm giving her are some pots and soil lol.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I stalk Joni's site (in a good way! LOL. Her deals really make my wallet weep. :)

I'm inclined to agree...the pubicalyxes are so easy to grow. I don't know why I waited so long to have one!

Good luck with your purchase! It's been so lovely here in our state...the Hoyas love it.


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I just have to ask, is everyone ok with the size of the hoyas that Joni sends out?

The persons who post what they have received look like they get good size rooted cuttings.


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Susan, I've received two orders from Joni now - one for just cuttings, and one for rooted cuttings. I'm new to hoyas and new to Joni, so it's hard to gauge... but I'm happy. I was nervous that I'd kill off the cuttings, but so far they're doing well (after two weeks). The sipitangensis pouted until the last couple days, but has started to perk up nicely.

I just received other rooted cuttings today from thehoyan via eBay, and they were not in as good shape as the ones Joni sent. Joni's packaging was much better.

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Hi, Susan. :) I've made three orders to Joni, two for rooted plants and one for cuttings. I feel like she definitely gives a fair amount of plant. The H. pottsii sp. 'Chiang Mai' she sent me was just beautiful and a full nice, full plant. She is currently downsizing to a 2.25 inch pot, but I don't feel that she is skimping on the plant. Same amount of plant.

Her cuttings were also generous. The standard is 2 nodes, but most of the time she sends at least 4 when she can. She sent me a H. limoniaca that must have been 8 or 9 nodes with a peduncle!

Hope the photo shows up well. Btw, all of Joni's cuttings pulled through. :)

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Sorry for rapid posting, but it cut out the pic of Joni's pots. You can see her older, bigger pots and her newer small pots. However, all of them are a good size.

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Lauren, what wonderful plants! Congrats! And yes, despite the awful heat and humidity for us humans, my Hoyas and other house plants are just soaking it up! I am impressed at the growth shown by my plants. My only blooms this summer came from my H. fungii, which was it's first time doing so.

Joni is one of the best out there and is super nice to top it all off. She is the one I reccommend new Hoya growers buy off of first. Gardino's is another excellent nursery. I got my H. shepherdii from them.

I will let you all know when my "Red Buttons" arrives!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Well the one umbel opened today :). She posted another picture of it. It looks great! One of the flowers has only four petals instead of four. I cannot wait until my plant from Joni arrives :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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