Australis is blooming

cpawl(8)August 7, 2010

I have had this hoya for 3 years and for 2 years its been in ICU.I just could not get how to grow this one.I have changed the pot and growing medium a few times and now I grow it in only chunky coir.

Thanks for looking,


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Jan Sword

Cindy, you did a super great job bringing to flower after all that.
Mine are huge and need to transplant in the bigger pot but it's on two 3' trellis so I am not sure if I'll attemt to do that. It has flowered but not as much as I thought it should.
My growing condtion is totaly different then yours but I do grow them pretty dry.

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Thanks Jan,I also learned that this hoya likes to grow dry.It also grows very slow but seems to be in a growth spurt right now.

A few more photos to share.I have both meliflua and melifua ssp fraterna and the difference that I have noticed between the 2 are the size in the leaf and the new growth on melifua is red and the other one is green.Heres a photo of the 2.


melfua ssp fraterna

My acuta is full of blooms and this one has a double.

My new cutting of erythrina is getting a nice pink sheen.A bit hard to see in the photo.

I wanted to show how nice the leaves on waymaniae are right now but it is poring rain today.Var macrophylla is finely taking off.Its growing very large leaves that are gorgeous.May be I will be able to take some photos later if it stops raining.


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Congrats Cpaul!

Is that an spp. tenuipes? I have one and it's growing like a weed!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Thanks Brad
I have no clue what one this is.The leaves are very large and light green and it grows a bit slow.
This spring I got a cutting of Australis ssp Eugen and it has grown very fast.


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