Blanching corn for freezing

lyndapaz(6)October 5, 2011

Hi Everyone! Such a busy time. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion about freezing corn kernels. It seems that you can blanch on the cob or after removing. Blanching after removing seems like it would be quicker and easier. What are the pros and cons. Sorry, this is my second post, but the first didn't seem to show up. Thanks.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hi Lynda - I posted this on your other post of this question. Hope it helps.


It seems that it is possible to blanch either before or after removing from the cob.

That's only if making cream style for canning. Otherwise the instructions call for blanching the ears and THEN cutting it off the cob.

Here is a link that might be useful: NCHFP - Freezing Corn

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I personally have always blanched on the cob, let it cool, and then froze it. I find it easier to cut the blanched corn off than fresh corn. It seems like there is less corn juice flying everywhere. My MIL had always cut it off fresh, then blanched, so its taken some convincing her to do it my way when she helps me.

But like so many things that I've done the way grandma taught me, I could be doing it wrong. I've ordered the So Easy to Preserve book so I can read up on all the most recent methods of freezing and canning.

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Thanks for your help. And thanks Dave for putting up with my inability to use this site efficiently. Bookjunky, I think you're right about it being messier. I just thought the blanching part would take less time, ice, etc. Finished a couple dozen today. Thanks to the many suggestions here, without much trouble at all. Thanks all.

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Not to throw a wrench in things but it was ironic that you asked about this today when I had just pulled a bag of corn on the cob out of the freezer. I had the same problem of time and asked the exact question a while back. I have blanched before but just didn't have the time to process all that at the time. These ears I pulled out were a bit soggy (so were the blanched) but delicious!!!! Granted, it has only been a few months but other than the slight sog, it didn't seem to alter the taste of the corn. There may be some issues for long-term but 2 months is a good indicator, I would think.
By all means follow the advice of some of our more experienced people here but I for one won't waste the time for on the cob blanching in the future. Lori

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