Help..Ants..Keep coming back !!!

barbzeeeApril 5, 2009

Ok, I know it's me again..:) I have a problem with Ants.. I have put petroleum jelly on my pole (Sheppard Hook) and I have to do it ever couple of days... I've read something about a mote..and looked to see where to get one...but I also read even with those ..they still are having ants..

So I ask you ...what's the best for me too do ?... Do I get an insecticide..(horror) but might need I won't be here and leaving my little darlings in the hands of someone else.. I want to make it easy without having major issues..

I read also some have use cayenne (sp) pepper and sprinkled it in the petroleum jelly and pasted it on the pole..

I seek the knowledge from all you great enthusiasts.. I trust you all.. and I'm sure you've must have encountered these villains..

God Bless


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Barb, I'm sorry to hear about the ants. I share your pain because I have ants to. I would encourage you to use ant moats. Mine work perfectly. Unfortunately, my finchs drink all the water out of them, so I have to fill them often.

The link below is to a site that has pictures of them and has them for sale. My local nursery sells them to.

I make my own from a platic cap(Lawrys Seasoning Salt, Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner) and a piece of coat hanger wire.

Good luck.

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I agree with Rob, ant moats have worked very well for me, too. You can also spray the base of your shepherd's hook with insect repellent (such as Off), but you have to reapply it every 3-4 days, or after it rains. Good luck!

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My moats have always worked. Like Rob said, others think it's a water bowl. Plus the sun evaporates it. So, they are sucessful if you keep them filled.

Coopersburg, PA
Zone 6

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Thanks all.. I done ordered my "Moats"... and you know ctnchpr, I was thinking about "off" also thought about WD40... works on lots of things LOL sure makes my steps go up in the motor it definitely give them ants a few slips...LOL....

Ok, now you all just fill them with water...not petroleum that would mean as my housekeeper comes over to do the feeders she can refill too...Oh I know she'll love this ...Why not...what's one more thing..hahahaha..but she's gonna enjoy how they get to know you... they sure do watch when you're near the feeder...buzzed by me a few times ...and one was even floating by me today as I wiped away those buggers...(ants) I looked an low and behold..looked like he was in suspended animation..hahaha then I heard the buzzzzzzz and away he went..

Can ya tell I'm definitely loving this ...I know I'll shed a tear as I pull out my drive way..worrying that they will be ok...Lordy ...

God Bless


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I took Rob's advice and got a moat... it's worked nice so far and I took my feeder off the tree and put it onto the Shepard's hook in a new location... no ants so far. The moat was cheap on and it shipped fast! Just FYI Best of luck Barbzeee/ Emma Jean

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