Applejack for baking? Can I make a substitute?

denninmi(8a)October 14, 2010

One of my sisters is buying an alcoholic beverage called 'Applejack' -- it is my understanding that is is made from hard cider by freezing it and removing the water ice, thus concentrating the alcohol. She says it is making incredible apple baked goods -- she uses it in the filing of pies, and also is using it as the water or part of the water in making her crust - makes sense, since they often use a little vodka in pie crust.

It is similar to brandy in that it is essentially concentrated wine with the water removed, but in the case of brandy, the concentration is done by heat distillation, whereas with Applejack its by freezing.

I have been to about six stores without any luck finding it. Why it should be so hard to find is beyond me?

Anyway, wouldn't it yield essentially the same thing if I soaked some chopped or sliced apples in vodka for a while and then strained out the fruit? Or, at least a reasonable substitute == apple flavor plus alcohol?

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Apple jack around here is simply hard cider, or scrumpy with no further efforts at increasing the alcoholic level. You can buy hard cider at any package store, or many markets who carry alcoholic drinks. I guess apple brandy is sometimes called Apple Jack too, saw that when I googled it, but that's a new one on me. It doesn't make any difference how you raise the proof in the end run, it accomplishes the same thing and if I were going to look for the closest equivalent it would be apple brandy.

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I'd ask what proof Applejack you sister is using and sub an apple brandy of a similar proof.

A lot of the alcohol is going to burn off in the cooking so buy as good a quality as your purse will allow.

For example, when I make my Bourbon-Fig-Pecan Bundt cake, I splurge and use Maker's Mark Bourbon. It just tastes a lot better than the cheaper stuff -- straight up or cooked.


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CA Kate

I guess I'm in disagreement with most of you.... there is no substitute for Applejack! The end product is never the same. I didn't know how it was made so that was interesting.

There use to be an Italian market out of Chicago where you could order different liquors and they'd ship to you. Have you tried googling "Applejack to buy"? I bet you'd get a few sources.

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Well, all applejacks aren't created equal, and some commercial applejacks are made simply of apple brandy laced with grain alcohol.

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