Hoya Compacta: Some General Help

alpantherAugust 3, 2012

I've attached a picture of my Hoya that I need a few pointers on:

I think the pot is probably too big for it. At one point, it was the perfect size, but my hoya had a rather embarassing accident last winter and it's just now recuperated enough that I feel comfortable repotting it into a better suited container.

What kind of containers do you guys prefer? Would you have a size recommendation for it?

Thanks for all your help! :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think it looks pretty darn good. I'm learning that most people leave their hoyas in 4 inch containers for a long, long while. So that's going to be my new strategy.


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Mine's in a plastic 4" pot with fast draining soil and its a blooming machine!

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It looks good. I'd leave it as it is for now. It will probably be a matter of years before it needs a bigger pot.

My plants get pretty big before they graduate from the 4" pots. I tend to upgrade them when they start looking silly looped around the 36" hoops. That's just my personal measuring stick of maturity. I probably end up graduating large leafed species a little early and small leafed species a little late, but it works well enough.

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Thank you all for the comments about my plant :)

I ended up potting it down to a smaller sized pot, and I believe it was a good move. The root system is still pretty small, and they were "drowning" in the big pot.

One question I have: my hoya never has branched out, I've always just taken cuttings from long stems and stuck them back in the dirt. When repotting, I then have several individual plants. Is there a way to make this mess stay together? Do I just need to wait until the roots are tangled?

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You know, when I first read your post, I thought you were talking about potting down, and then I talked myself out of it. Oops! Anyway, glad it went smoothly; I hope it helps your watering situation.

Yeah, Hoyas do branch sometimes when you prune them, but it's definitely not consistent. Some species do it more readily than others. I wish I could figure out what gives them the urge to produce those knotty clusters of nodes, too. I have read old articles that recommend pruning Hoyas for bushier growth, but I think it's more reasonable to just expect a growth spurt.

Yeah, you pretty much just have to wait till the roots fill out the pot and interlock. I think you're doing everything you can do.

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