Results from my odd shaped tomatoes

ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)October 21, 2007

Just cut open three of these big tomatoes and found only about 20 seeds per tomato. Even though they were very big around (nearly three inches in diameter), they seemed to be quite meaty, with lots more pulp compared to even a regulat plum type. I also found the taste to be very low in acid, compared to all of the other kinds I grew this year. The taste, even if cooked down, would probably be a much better suited for sauce making compared to plum tomatoes of higher acidity. Usually, once you cook down tomatoes, the acidity seems to increase some and it can make for a very acidic sauce, so some will add sugar. If I were to make sauce from these, I would definately add the necessary citric acid to each jar prior to filling them. I plan to grow more of these the year after next, and may only grow this one type, except for a few jumbo grape tomatoes that were also very flavorful and sweet, these, compared to cherry tomatoes growing right next to them, had twice the flavor.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

What is the variety? they look great...I love a plum type tomato because they are so meaty.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

For a few weeks now, I have been searching through hundreds of photos and descriptions for the tomatoes I grew. I even checked all my seed packets and orders for the last 5 years to see if any of the tomato seed orders referred to a type in the photo. I found a few photos, close to the shape, but they were more pointed. Mine are late maturing and were all planted from seeds all started at the same time. I thought I only planted beefsteaks, big boy, and a couple of other jumbo varieties, none of which were this shape or characteristic. Oddly, I also had a few very small cherry types and a jumbo grape shape, or mini plum, depending on what you would want to catogorize them, those were also grown from seeds I have had here for several years. In any event, these big guys had only 4 narrow seed cavities about 1/4 inch in from the skin, and all through the core it was very firm and meaty. The biggest of the three had maybe a tablespoon of liquid and only a few seeds. I only found two out of my 60+ plants that had this shape tomato. The other plant has a a few that are a little smaller in diameter, and they are still green. I removed all the seeds from these three tomatoes and placed them in a small strainer and washed them under running water to remove some of the gel coating. The I dumped the seeds onto a sheet of plastic wrap for them to dry. I can't plant tomatoes again next year as I will have no space and need to give the soil 'chemistry' a rest from all these tomatoes. I do find that if I skip a year, tomatoes seem to grw much better with less losses due to fungal infections. The plants these came from are quite healthy and green, with big leaves. The tomatoes were so heavy they pulled away from the support stakes and twine and were on the ground, laying on some black plastic fabric mulch. The plants are not very productive or heavy bearers, but have a lot of foliage, and have a sweeter, milder flavor compared to all the others I grew. I do plan to grow more again from these saved seeds. Around here, these need to be started indoors very early in the season, like about March, in order to have any ripe ones. Th

A similar thing happened three years ago when I planed some buttercup squash. A single plant had these odd shaped ones and were as big as basketballs, the narrow end was the stem end however. I tried growing more the following two years afterwards, but the nasty woodchuck got to them before they got ripe enough, but were exactly the same shape as the earlier generation. That woodchuck is gone now..

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Nope, the German red strawberry has a definate point, which these don't have. Oxheart is very close, but these have no green showing. Although the photo on the Totally Tomatoes site is close, and mine did have a little greenish which ripened. When I sliced one open, there were narrow seed cavities as mentioned earlier. I could slide my finger into each and it would displace all the seeds and liquid in one push. I must say they were really pulpy and had a very mild low acid flavor. Without any salt added, they were almost bland compared to higher acid ones. Gee, and I was hoping to nurture a new strain here.. Maybe next time I'll gorw both these and the German Red Strawberry ones.

About the squash, I forgot, it was the larger stem end, and the smaller end is the blossom end. The smaller end has that notcable ring around it too, like regular buttercup varieties.

They took off my nice photo of the varmint that did a number in my garden two and three years ago too..

Here is a link that might be useful: Possible..

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david52 Zone 6

Ken, I grow an oxheart called simply " Cour de Bue " that doesn't have any green or gold shoulders, and the pointy end varies from fruit to fruit, some less, some more pointed. I've grown German Red Strawberry and a couple of others, but this one is my favorite due to flavor, few seeds, production, and size.

It sure looks, anyway, like this one.

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CA Kate

As I mentioned in your earlier thread... I have the same thing happening. Now that I see you photos and description, mine are doing EXACTLY the same thing, look EXACTLY like yours, and are the same inside. My plants are so huge that they are also toppling their re-inforcing wire trellis and are hanging all over the wall behind them and down the back side -- the wall is 8' tall. The only tomato I planted was an Early Girl. I suspect there may have been a second plant in that little pot. That's a good idea to save seed because this is one good tomato; and, since I have no other tomatoes for it to cross with the seed should come true.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

None of mine had an actual point on the end. Usually I see pointed plum types that will have blossom end rot. For these though, they were blunt on the ends on all the ones I picked. In fact, they all had a small dark spot at the tip that gave them a slightly flattened end. The skins on these was also much more tender compared to some other types. When I grow them again, and cut them up for running through the Villaware food strainer, I would expect that I would see almost a tomato paste coming out the sieve holes. I still like to cut open the tomatoes and remove as much of the watery liquid as I can. Doing this reduces the cook down time.

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