Explosive new growth :)

flower.baby(southern oregon)August 18, 2013

I just wanted to share some pics of my hoyas summering outside since they have all exploded with new growth :)

The hoya kerrii is 2 plants I just planted together in 1 pot, the looooong new vine is coming out of the plant Denise on Omaha sent me a few months ago. All of the new growth just started 2-3 weeks ago!

The Hindu rope I've had for 2 years and it hasn't grown an inch until the last couple weeks it just started showing new growth tips.

The hoya obovatas I just ordered and already have some new leaves.

Hoya latifolia hasn't started showing new growth yet, but I just repotted all of them and that usually gets them growing for me :)

Then there is my grandmas old plain hoya that is my favorite but sadly got badly sunburned in the car and I lost about 75 percent of it :( I included a before picture of what it used to look like.

Anyway, enjoy!

And a couple randoms...

Sorry they all ended up sideways :(

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Nice collection of hoyas and succulents you have there. Oh, and I really LOVE the spotted ... begonia, is it?

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flower.baby(southern oregon)

Thank you! And yes, those are begonias. Some of my new favorites. One is begonia "flamingo queen" and the other is begonia maculata "wightii".

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That are very pretty plants! I love the Hindu Rope and are those Epiphyllum? Gorgeous! What color are the blooms? Thank you for sharing! My Kerrii is about to bloom also :).

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flower.baby(southern oregon)

Thanks, yes the first epiphyllum is an unknown color, and the second is a night blooming cereus which has white blooms.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very NICE and all so healthy!! Congrats on the blooms on your Kerrii. You do have a nice collections of plants :o)

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flower.baby(southern oregon)

Thank you puglvr1, the kerrii has boomed 3 times since I got it in march! These buds are about ready to fall off, and it already looks like new ones are getting ready to bud up :)

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Your kerrii looks nice in a hanging basket. I think I'm going to grow mine this way, too. I've been keeping it SO close to the lights so maybe the growth would stay more compact, but idk how well it's working...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother carnosa burn, but it looks like it's in good shape now. (Nice save.) I bet it reaches the original size in a couple years, growing outdoors in such a good spot.

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flower.baby(southern oregon)

Thanks greedyghost, I prefer the Kerrii in a hanging basket also. They grow pretty wild and it hard to get them to look compact :/

The parts I saved of my grandmas Hoya are pretty healthy ad have new baby leaves, but haven't started to branch off and vine yet, fingers crossed!!

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