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noemi-flower(9)April 21, 2008

Iam new to this forum, I do love birds , but I've never really paid much attention to Hummingbirds. I planted a couple of honeysuckles last year and now that they are full of flowers, I I've noticed that I do have several hummingbirds, I put out a feeder about a month ago but they just found it this weekend. Iam very excited , every time I look out the window somebody is eating off it. I have seen them chase each other away, so I will be buying a couple more to put out. My question is how far apart from each other should i put them I do want them in the same area, where i can watch , and if I put them under my porch will they come?

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It sure works well for me (and the hummers) that most of my feeders are hanging under the eves of the back porch. Two are in the pine tree just off the porch and one in an oak tree just beyond the porch. I now have at least 20 hummers and 10 feeders in all. Make sure to clean out the old sugar water often. If you keep it fresh, you shouldn't have to worry about them not drinking at your feeders.

Good luck,

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Noemi-flower, they will probably continue to chase each other off even if you have feeders everywhere! That's just what they do!! Still, the more feeders you hang, the more they will have a chance to get to drink. I have feeders hung under the eaves in both the front and back of the house, as well as on 3 sides of one of those metal gazebos that we have on our deck. They feed when I am out there with 3 dogs all summer long and we just seem to be part of the scenery to them. They come over and check me out once in a while, look at me like "oh, it's just you," and carry on with their business! Enjoy them!!

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I went out yesterday and got two new feeders. I placed one under my porch and the other by the window where I have the computer, and where I'm looking out at my birds all the time. Since it took them over a month to find my first feeder i thought it would take them as long on my new ones, but to my surprise as I was sitting here writing, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and sure enough he was eating away, and then he stopped to look at me . I'm such a bird lover, i can't believe hummingbirds were not a part of it. But now Iam in love with them, as Iam sitting here he's come over several times. I'm so excited he's made my day.....

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You are going to have SO much fun watching and being entertained by these delightful birds...

I usually have 12 feeders up at the peak of our hummer season (MS) 5 feeders are hanging from the eaves on my breezeway/patio and the others are scattered about, fairly close...when I placed 3 feeders on a sheperd's hook in front of my kitchen window, it took only about 5 minutes for them to find it!!!! You can have a cozillion feeders, and there will always be a few "bullies" who want them all, which is so much fun to watch!

I only have about 5 hummers now, and can't wait for the rest of them to arrive!!!


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I don't know much about hummingbirds, they are very new to me, but I think I've seen four different ones, I'm thinking male and female. Both beautiful. Should I place the feeders away from my regular bird feeders? Could bigger birds hurt the hummingbirds? I just cought a female Oriole scaring off the hummingbird so she could eat off the feeder . I love my Orioles but.....

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Noemi-flower..I don't know a thing about Orioles (wish I had them here), but my HB feeders are NOT close to my other bird feeders...hanging from eaves, and various sheperd's hooks, purely for my own enjoyment! In July and August, I will have hundreds at one time, zooming and darting while we sit on the patio watching the show!

I'm not sure about larger birds hurting the hummers, but I would not place my hb feeders close to your other bird feeders...isn't there a special feeder for orioles? If so, offer one to your orioles, away from the hb feeders.

Where are your located? We have only the Ruby Throated...


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hey donna, I'm in south Texas, very hot weather already
this is tthe first year I get Orioles so I'm very excited about it. I saw the female do it again, so I will be looking for a shady spot this afternoon to move my HB feeder and I will be putting orange slices for her.I have so much action going on in my back yard today, one of my feeders is right by a window so I've been abel to see the hummingbirds pretty close, and they are curious, they look straight at me. I saw one with a red chest and one with a purple chest. green on the back, I saw two duller lookng ones , I don't have time to search for them on the internet but first thing tomorrow morning.

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I'm not sure about your purple chested in MO all I have seen is the ruby throated. The males have the red throat but the females have a tan throat, so, like you said, you're probably seeing a mix of males and females. (After the babies are born, you'll probably see some young males that look like the females until their little red feathers start to come in.) The site I've attached may help you figure out who is's a site I use all the time and have learned tons!! Right now I just have one little male, but I am thrilled he is back. Can't wait for the rest to arrive!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird species

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Thanks for the site ltlhbgrl, it has great pictures and alot of info. I now know that I have a Ruby-throated and the one that has a little purple is a Black-chinned, and they both have their partners.I also read that most of them have been seen in Texas, so I'm crosssing my fingers , and hope that I get other species. I have been watching them all day ( as if I had nothing else to do )
and they are so much fun to watch, I have to smile everytime I see one. As for my female Oriole, Im keeping the HB feeder there for her, she seems to love it, and I do have plenty other feeders for my Hummers..

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I'm glad the site was useful! I too spend a lot of time I could probably spend doing something useful watching and laughing at "my" hummingbirds!! Buuuuuutt...I somehow just can't force myself inside and away from them once they come back. Enjoy all of your birds!

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