trudy_gwMay 31, 2012

We had rain, wonderful rain....hostas are soaking up and loving much needed moisture!

'Great Arrival' looking refreshed again! By 7 am we had .40 and it was still raining!

Anyone else in the midwest get the much needed rain.

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We have had almost five inches in the last three days, after a month with none we badly needed it! (we are in SW MO) There is no sub-surface moisture here after the drought last summer and winter so every drop is soaked up by the plants immediately. The sun is out now but hoping for another good rain in a day or so.


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

It's supposed to rain here today but hasn't begun yet. I'm crossing my fingers!

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YYYEEEAAAA.....rain for central Illinois today and only 57 degrees for the high! We were at the point where it's scary, with an extremely dry spring and then the heat. The grass has started to brown like it's August and I know the trees were suffering along with everything else. I've been watering select hostas every other day, I just have too many to water everyone, so the less expensive ones had to fend for themelves.

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As I'm writing this its raining here in north-central IL. My late fall newplanting were beginning to look really bad, so I even watered them just in case. It has now been raining a steady, soaking in type rain for an hour. A couple of days ago we had just broken out of 3 consecutive record high temperatures, all 90 or above. With virtually no rain for almost a month-bad! bad! bad!

When I was a kid, this is the kind of rain my mom gave us bars of soap and sent us outside in our swimsuits. How times change! LOL


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Trudy I got the same system, about half an hour earlier ;) still just spitting a little.. Gave me a excuse to go look at the plants :)

Like I needed one !

Rain..PASS IT ON !

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bernd ny zone5

Rain is great for hostas. But too much is bad for gutters, until I could not stand it anymore, saw that 3 gutters had plugged up again, ran out with a ladder and with a few scoops with my hands had removed all debris at each downspout, and that while thunder and flashes were coming in, bad, bad, bad to do that. Normally I would have stood in the back watching the torrent in my little dry creek bed meandering around my hostas, safely under an umbrella. But this time there was no dry clothing and shoe on me. But the hostas loved it, Empress Wu added a few inches from that rain.
(I just got delivered 34 new gutter guards, another project.)

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jan_on zone 5b

It's coming it's coming, if the hostas in Michigan don't take it all southern Ontario should get an inch or so tonight and tomorrow. I grew up on a farm - we all sound like a bunch of old farmers!

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I was up this morning at 3 and I heard it raining. I was ready to wake up my wife and kids and throw a party for all my hosta that were finally getting a proper drink for the 1st time in 3+ weeks

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It rained here in St. Louis but not the drenching rain they predicted and I had hoped for. It has been so hot I have been going out in am watering all my hostas every other day.

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Good for all of you-my rain prayers worked! We were getting more than our share of rain-so I sent it off to you guys. :)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

We're supposed to get some tomorrow,here in NC. It has been very dry here for awhile. I hope they're right! Phil

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