Will Guardian Angel turn solid green?

Deb HawkinsMay 4, 2012

After much research from reading all your very helpful posts and studying pix on HL, I went on tour of a couple hosta growers yesterday. I have a yardfull of w/g var hosta and I want to replace them gradually starting with adding in some blues.

I bought the Restless Seas as was posted here as I needed a vase type for some 'lift' by a wall.

Pretty sure I've been bitten by the hosta bug and I can feel it's wonderful sting! As I toured, I began to see so many names I recognized and I had some notes but they soon became all jumbled in my brain!

Of course I made an impulse buy! Guardian Angel! Only now I am reading they can turn solid. I'm planning morning sun placement, it will be partially under the deck. How much sun will it need to keep it's beautiful variegation? And give it plenty of room right?

Thanks, Deb

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its to die for ... get it.. end of post


oops.. you already did.. lol ... its late to color.. i think.. and it does darken as the season progresses .... SO WHAT!!!!

and yes.. ALL HOSTA CAN REVERT.. nothing special about this one in that regard ...

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Yes, Guardian Angel can revert to all green. But don't worry about it, just plant it and enjoy. If it does happen (and it might not) then let us know and we'll help you separate out the green parts. Morning sun should be perfect for this very beautiful and easily recognizable Hosta. Give it a 48 inch space. Where did you go shopping? Show us some pics of your new plants.

Oh and welcome to the Hotel Hosta. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave (cue the guitars).


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

How could I have forgotten to post a picture? Inexcusable ommision.


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bernd ny zone5

I have 2 Guardian Angel hostas for 2 and 3 years, none of them has reverted, no all green leaves. Enjoy it!

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The questions isn't "will it revert?", the question regards Guardian Angel getting darker centers later in the summer.

The answer is that Guardian Angel does get darker colored centers as the season progresses, brought about by heat. New flushes of foliage will still be light colored as they emerge, but then they start to darken as they age through the summer. They actually keep their centers best in a cooler, darker location, and more light doesn't actually help to keep them lighter but could have the opposite effect of making them turn darker, sooner.

I would recommend finding the shadiest, coolest spot in the garden for this one.

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Besides how some hosta change their variegation/colors during the growing season, on occasion they can change into a different hosta or even into a new hosta. Revert/Sport.

This was a Guardian Angel that is now a Blue Angel, I think they should dig it out or at least change the name on it. The picture was taken last year at the open house of Hornbaker Gardens. For size reference, I am 6'1" tall so this is a really big hosta.

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Mine does not turn very solid green. Definitely a must have hosta for me. I live in a place with fairly mild summers, and my hosta are all in a fair bit of shade.

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Deb Hawkins

Ok, great info everyone, thanks. Steve, beautiful, that's why I had to have it! What hosta do you have in front of GA in your pix? Will post soon as I can but today I'll be in the garden....

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok deb ... if you are a relative newbie... lets get a few things straight in your head ...

first.. the name... its momma was blue angel .. hence the play on words to include angel in its name..

ergo.. if it reverts.. it reverts to what it came from which is the BLUE... 'Blue Angel' .. with me so far??? .. it can NOT revert to a green ... it might mutate to a green.. but not REvert ... [which means the one frank is standing next to is BA]

now.. ALL BLUE HOSTA.. are actually a green hosta with a blue wax on top of the leaf ... and when that blue is worn off by heat.. overhead watering.. etc.. the green hosta underneath will show.. that is NOT a reversion.. nor the plant changing.. that is a hard life/season ...

now.. BA ... happens to be viridescent ... see link.. which means its center start light colored.. and darken as the season goes on ... and again.. that does NOT mean the hosta is reverting.. nor 'changing' ... the leaf is changing.. but not the underlying plant.. if that makes sense.. [gold standard on the other hand.. starts one color.. and lightens in the center.. and i forget that term]

how about it.. make any sense???


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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jan_on zone 5b


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jan_on zone 5b


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Deb Hawkins

Thanks Ken. The pix of that giant Blue Angel is what I want NOT to end up with.


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kskaren(z5 MO)

Thanks for the info, Chris, about moving GA to the shadiest part of the yard. I have it now in morning sun, so looks like I'll be needing to find a spot elsewhere...


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