Bad Neighbors

greedygh0stAugust 2, 2012

After Chris's comment about cv. Joy wrapping itself around nearby plants I thought it would be fun to start a thread devoted to photos of Hoyas who are bad neighbors, or just generally getting themselves into trouble. I know at any given moment a good 1/4 of my population is growing somewhere it shouldn't. How about yours?

H. aldrichii trying to pull this Phal down.

That's just one example. I'll post more pictures later. ^_^

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you don't even need a picture to get some idea of what i'm dealing with!!!! I go through at least once a week and try to get everyone's hands from around their neighbors necks!!!! If I didn't do this can you imagine the time I would have on my hands come time to move everything back into the gh!!!

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GG, that poor orchid looks like it's really struggling for survival. The aldrichii seems determined to choke it!

My australis is climbing up the blinds in the window (not only that; it's climbing on itself - the vine on it's way up the blinds is actually 3 vines winding around eachother). Each morning I've been very careful when opening the blinds up to let the light in, so that I won't disturb it. Can't let it climb there permanently though, but I want to wait a couple of weeks just to see where it's heading. lol

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David, that what I did all the time. If you stop checking them, your green house will become a jungle..(:

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My KQ is quite likes poles and anything circular. I don't place her like that and she always ends up on the pole.

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@ David & Sue

I would still like some pictures of the misbehaved jungles. You know it would make us laugh!

@ Klea

Yeah, that's how it always looks to me, too. I looked over at the plant just now and it seems our suspicions are correct! Yesterday that vine was reaching for the window and today it's noticed it has another orchid to take down still.

H. aldrichii, advancing its troops to the next orchid!

It seems the Hoyas will not tolerate even two measly orchids in their ranks. How are the orchids going to fight back? Well, probably with something highly sexually inappropriate, if I know anything about orchids.

I love that photo of the window shade offensive. I think it's really fun and attractive when they twine around themselves.

@ goddess

I can tell you had as much trouble as I did to try and capture the situation in a picture. You really don't realize how much of a challenge it's going to be to photograph plant behavior until you're looking through your camera lens/display.

I watched this video of a morning glory vine locating a stake yesterday and I'd seen that kind of footage before, but I never could imagine Hoya vines doing the same thing because not all of them are professional grabbers and twiners, and plenty of them just grow purposefully into dark corners as though their only mission is a vague "up up up up." But your KQ definitely knows the score.

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Goddess: It almost looks like an alien tentacle reaching out and grabbing that pole! I'd keep an eye on that plant if I were you! LOL

Greedyghost: That's a great video. Very interesting to see how the vines whirl around in the air feeling around for something to grab hold of. :)

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I had one go right thru the screen in my window! I couldn't get it out so I had to chop it off. LOL!

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I have another (just recent) bad neighbor:

H. fitchii is growing a vine and that vine wants to be *best friends* with my new H. macrophylla. I should take a pic when I get back home. When I checked them last night, I had to literally untangle the two from each other.

Such is a love for vining plants...

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My H. carnosa 'Krimson Princess' has yet to understand what privacy means when it comes to it's H. carnosa 'Krimson Queen' neighbor. Currently, it has a foot and a half long vine that I keep having to untangle every day from KQ. I had to cut back a couple of the two foot vines, those would probably be tangled in the KQ by now if I hadn't.


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