OT: Well, THAT was freaky...

quinnfyre(z7 PA)August 23, 2011

You probably already heard the news, but there was an earthquake in Virginia. And I felt it here in Philly. It wasn't my first earthquake, but this one felt different. This one was very 'shaky', for lack of a more descriptive term. The previous ones I've felt were more of a rolling sensation, as if you were sitting on a waterbed and someone started jumping up and down on it. This one shook all my shelves back and forth a fair amount. To make it somewhat more hoya related, nothing fell off the shelves, thankfully :) I'll go check on them more carefully in a bit.

But really. I never expected to experience one here. Hope everyone else out there is safe and sound.

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paul_(z5 MI)

There supposedly was some tremor here in SE MI too but I did feel it.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Dagnabit! I was typing too fast. I meant to say I didn't feel it.

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Me too! I heard about it and it sounds wild! D: Glad you and your Hoyas are okay! All the more reason to move, right? ^_~

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I have friends in Ohio who felt it and had to evacuate their 16 story building.

We have a major fault line just 1 1/2 hours South of here in Charleston,S.C... How's that for being unlucky?? I live in a hurricane and an earthquake zone!!!!

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Some people here in North Georgia felt it! Not me, thankfully, because my little boys and I would have been SO scared. I have an anxiety disorder, and it would have made the boys very upset to see their momma upset. I've only ever been in one, and that was several years ago when they had that big one in Alabama, and it was enough to wake me up out of a dead sleep. It was a really 'shaky' one too- no rolling or waterbed sensations, just plain shaking and scary! I'm so glad no one was hurt, though I heard that the National Cathedral lost a pinnacle and the Washington Monument had 'a few loose stones'. Boy, I would have hated to have been way up in THAT when the quake hit! Has anyone else been up in there? That would be terrifying!

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I'm here in NC, didn't feel it, but we suppose to prepare hurricane Irene coming this weekend. I have to take all my hanging hoya in the shelter. Hope everybody safe.

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We've been having earthquakes in Oklahoma the last few years. They feel like a sonic boom. The first one made me think someone ran into the garage door. The next one felt like a bomb went off at the AF base a mile or so away. The latest one had everyone at work looking toward downtown for a debris cloud. That 1995 bombing really has stuck in our minds.

I was talking with my supervisor who's from California and he told me about how the different kinds of earthquakes feel. Apparently the sonic boom quake is when part of the crust suddenly breaks loose. He was near San Andreas and those quakes were two plates shifting against each other which felt like rolling ground.

Sorry. I went and nerded out on you guys there for a minute!

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Ok, got curious, and looked it up... I felt the earthquake from about 300 miles away from the epicenter, of a 6.7, then a 7.9 earthquake, about ten days apart in the same location, in late 2002. Those were the rolling earthquakes I mentioned. This one felt more like someone grabbed my house and shook it. Not super hard, not a thing fell over but it was disconcerting when your shelves and lamps are shaking back and forth very visibly and you know some major construction is going on just down the block. My roommate and I thought they had had a terrible accident. It was actually kind of a relief to realize it was an earthquake.

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Being a native Californian, I have felt my share of quakes in my 49 years, the strongest was the Sylmar quake of '71.

Believe me, your quake was nothing, compared to what we go thru once in a blue moon.

I shouldn't talk, tho - Japan has larger quakes and they are well aware of it, have been for centuries.

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