Finches at feeder???

luvtoogardenApril 4, 2011

I have a shepards hook outside dining room window where I have a hummingbird feeder and a bird feeder. The hummingbird hasn't seemed to mind the bird feeder being there. This morning the finches(either house or purple...not sure which ones we have here in AL) were eating at their full feeder and one kept pecking at the hummer feeder like he was getting something from it! Should I separate the 2...I don't want my hummer to stop coming by. We saw him feeding cautiously the other morning at the same time as the birds were eating. I noticed this morning the feeder was wet as if it had rained, but it must have been from the finches trying to drink nectar!! Anyone seen this happen before??


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Oh yes! I have house finches at my feeders everyday. (I am in MS)...I've noticed they like my Perky Pet feeders better than the First Nature brand as the portals are slanted and they rock back an forth to get the nectar.

My suggestion would be to remove the seed feeder from the shepherd's hook and place somewhere else in the yard, then add another hummer feeder to the sheperd's hook. You might want to give the First Nature brand a try and see if this discourages the finches. Love the finches but they can be a nuisance during hummer season!!!


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natal(Louisiana 8b)

All of my feeders are HummZingers with built-in ant moats. The house finches like to drink from the moat, even though I have plenty of birdbaths in the yard. No problem with hummers refusing to use the feeders.

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Cannot get them to stop!!! It's frustrating because I haven't seem my hummers in a few days. Yesterday I moved the feeder and switched out hummer feeder thinking they won't like that one and they keep coming and using it anyway. I love the finches, but I love watching the hummers more!:(

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

I wouldn't fret too much about it. I don't think that the House Finches will run off the Hummers. Like Donna said, they do enjoy Hummer feeders, and once they have partaken of the nectar, they tend to return to it! Go to Walmart, and purchase an inexpensive First Nature brand feeder, and try it in a different location than the one you've been using. You might also try out one of the single port tube feeders which the Finches would not be able to use. Many of them tend to leak, but I suppose it would be a solution. Either way, I don't think that the Finches will keep the Hummers away. JMHO~~Angie

Here is a link that might be useful:

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