Gomer sez, 'Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!'

ctnchprApril 3, 2011

This little fella showed up yesterday afternoon. He's on the early side of the normal Apr 1-10 range for first arrivals.

I noticed the first Firepink bloom Wed, they are an amazingly accurate predictor of the hummers' arrival.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Congrats on the first hummer of the season Ctnchpr!!

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Congrats on your first, he is a very handsome fellow.

My first arrival usually falls in the 4-28 to 5-4 range . I wouldnt mind getting an early arrival.

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Thanks, guys!! Just after posting the pic, I saw 2 males fighting, so I quickly hung more feeders on other sides of the house and 1 at the edge of the woods.

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I just hung my feeders this week, along with a large red that will hopefully gain some attention this year. I have yet to see spring migrators. Also bought some bright orange red Gerber daisies, red Salvias in bloom, and bright hot pink Dianthus. Other than that and crossing my fingers, I don't know what to do, lol!

Congrats on your little beauty, Ctnchpr!


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Thanks, Susan!!

An update: It's starting off as a great hummer season - 10 feeders out and approx 20 birdies.

This bad boy was guarding his feeder Monday. It was cloudy and raining, slow shutter speed and wide aperture - not a good depth of field...

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

ctnchpr, that is sure nuff a pretty picture!!! Wow! I have 3 RTHBs coming to my feeders now. They were right on time coming back here.~~Angie

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Im still over a week away from my first hummer . Since I got early robins I thought I might have a chance at an early hummer but doesnt seem like it will happen, time will tell.

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linda_jo(Raleigh, NC 7b)

Hi, this is my first time reading this forum and I am very excited! I hung a feeder on my porch last year and faithfully washed and refilled it but NO hummers! I have a flower garden nearby (50 ft) and they made one apprearance there but not at the feeder. My home is in a subdivision that is very wooded. The feeder hung between two hanging baskets of flowers. A house finch raised babies in one. Could that be the reason they stayed away? I have hung it again and an hoping to see them this year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. LindaJo

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Welcome to the forum, LindaJo!!

I don't think the finches kept the hummers away, it could be any number of reasons. You could be getting a lot of competion from your neighbors. Maybe you could fill your flower garden with hummer plants that would make your place their top choice. HTH.

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LindaJo---It would be hard to say the reason you have a lack of hummers. Are there nectaring plants in your garden? But increasing your hummer plant garden would indeed help. I usually get my share of hummers and most years it is more feeder use than anything untill last year. I had increased my main hummer garden with more plants . Feeder use was greatly reduced. My main garden is about 10x25'. I also added more plants in another garden. Was that the reason Im not sure. I also live in a subdivion but it is not wooded and no one around here seems to hummer garden although some do put out feeders. I have a small yard and get a nice quantity of hummers , nothing like ctnchpr gets but I get enough to keep me happy. Keep the faith, plant it and they will come.

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It wasn't until I moved my hummingbird feeder to around 2-3 feet from my large American Holly that I got hummers. It was only shifted about 5 or 6 feet over, but they seemed to really appreciate the safety of the branches nearby. Keep trying. We only get a few visitors, but this small change seemed to make a world of difference. That...and I placed a bright red table cloth on my yard for an afternoon. Did that make a difference? Maybe.

Here is a link that might be useful: My gardens

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linda_jo(Raleigh, NC 7b)

Thank you ctnchpr, hummersteve and kr222 for the information/encouragement. I do have a flower bed nearby. I have just planted beebalm and lots of other plants hummers like so maybe this year they will visit my yard. I wanted to have the feeder on the porch so I could watch them but I may have to move it to the tree near the flowers? If they start coming could I move it to the porch and would they find it? thanks LJ

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That would probably work. I know it works with other birds if you move it a little bit at a time.

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