Hoyas for the office (artificial light lovers)

ohmybloomers(7a)August 19, 2012

I need some companionship at work, so I'd love some suggestions on a good hoya for my cubicle. It only gets artificial light - two fluorescents which would be close to the plant (because they're under the overhead storage thingies), and also a "fake sunlight" desk lamp. It wouldn't be able to hang - only be a "desktop hoya."

Thanks for your suggestions - y'all are awesome!

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I've kept a green carnosa with just office fluorescents.

I'm fortunate to have 2 large windows in my office now along with fluorescent lighting so a lot of my faves stay there during the winter.


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I'm betting a Hoya wayetti (commonly confused with kentiana - that's what EA sells it as) would do well. I doubt you'd get blooms, but I bet it would otherwise thrive.

Denise in Omaha

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I have a Kerri variegate leaf under light on my desk, I water it before my day off, 3 years already, never grow, but still firm and pretty.

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