Hot cup o' Joe

ctnchprApril 6, 2007

For the past two mornings, I've gotten up at first light

and put out warm, fresh sugar water for my 3 hummers -

2 males/1 female. The temp this morning was 30, 31

yesterday morning. I read something, in the distant

and foggy past, about the hummingbird's ability to lower

its heart rate/body temp and enter a quasi-hibernative

state when nighttime temps get too low. So I don't

think the warm nectar will improve their survivability,

but everyone loves a hot cup o' joe.

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Too funny, I've had the same thoughts in reverse when I put out cool nectar on a hot Texas day.

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Had to laugh. Last year was my first hummingbird year and I too tried cooling the nectar. I was afraid that the little guys would burn their tongues because it gets so hot on my balcony, but it didn't seem to be a problem.

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My three made it. The low Sat morning was 24, low Sun
morning was 19. The high for Sat was only 40. Today,
a male was drinking(?) the ice-cold nectar at first
light, before I could get the warm batch out. Both
males were feeling frisky enough by noon to fight, so
I added another feeder on the opposite side of the
house (they could feed more and fight less, if they
so desired). I think the worst is over, the low temp
for tonight is forecast to be 26. Here are 2 pics of
the bad boys, sorry 'bout the quality - shot through
a window and several feet away.

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