One of My Bad Boys

ctnchprApril 27, 2008

This is one of several males vying for the title "King of the Woods". He was fluffed against the cool, damp day.

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Wow! How were you able to get such a good close up? Mine fly off too quickly.


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Yes, he has that stern look like he thinks he's king. How many males do you think you have. Any females arrived yet?

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Sam, he was guarding 'his' feeder, which was a few feet away.

hummersteve, Late Sunday, when they gathered for their final feeding, I counted 8 males at the clustered feeders - there could have been 1 or 2 more at the peripheral feeders. I'm guessing a similar number of females. Glad to see on your other post that yours have arrived. I'm doing the happy dance for you (but it ain't pretty).

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