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ctnchprApril 6, 2008

Got my first male today!! This is about the middle of my normal range (earliest-Mar 31 / latest-Apr 12). That glow you see on your Southern horizon is from my big, wide grin.

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Hey, I can see that big grin from here, congratulations!!. They seem to be showing up everywhere according to the map. There was a sighting in Indianapolis today which is about 30mi north of me. I usually dont get one till around the 1st of may, last year was 4-30. Still waiting.

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Another little male showed up this morning, so I put a 2nd feeder on the opposite side of the house. They flew laps around the house all day. It's cheap entertainment.

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Hello, I have been a lurker for about a year, which is about the time I discovered the joy of Hummingbirds. We bought a house that already had hummingbirds coming to it due to the previous owners efforts and this year we have planted a dedicated hummingbird garden as well as the existing plants. I am not sure when the hummingbirds arrived last year, but I have had two feeders out for the past week and a half and still no sightings. I can't wait! I miss them.
FWIW I am located in Montgomery County (Crawfordsville)
Last year a friend of mine about a mile away from me had rubys, rofous, and possibly a black chined. Have any indiana folks had many types visit?

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cm0400, hummersteve can answer any questions you have about hummers in Indiana. Maybe he'll check in soon.

hummersteve, saw my first little female this morning, things are about to get busy.

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ctnchpr--- Last year I had three males show up early and battle it out for possesion of my yard, fun, fun, fun.

civicminded0400---You didnt say where you moved from , but Im sorry to say we only have rubythroats here. There have been isolated sightings in southern indiana of rufous but those are very rare indeed, so rare that if you have one you better call a bander to get it certified.

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We moved across the county in the Crawfordsville area. I never fed hummingbirds before last year, the previous owner of this house did and we decided to take care of them, I absoulutely love hummingbirds now, and have the bug for sure.

I will let my friend know that if he sees the odd hummer t his feeders to let me know, we only had rubys at our house last year, he seemed certain he saw a hummer with a copper colored throat, I will ask him to look out for it this year.

Are there any good spots around Central Indiana to watch hummingbirds, like parks or whatnot? There is a spot in Southern Illinois at a state forest where the folks at the ranger station have feeders set up with a huge hummer garden and there had to be at least 20 of them there last year, possibly more near 40, they were everywhere around the station and they were hard to count.


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Hummers can provide hours of viewing pleasure thats for sure but you dont have to be outside to view them well. There are feeders with suction cups that can stick to your window and since I spend a lot of time at my computer I have one stuck to this window which I am less than two feet away from and I also will know when my first hummer arrives , easily. Then after they have arrived i will put more out. Im not aware of any great areas to watch for hummers in indy, but Im sure are. There is another hummer site that is well worth checking out , a lot going on there.

Here is a link that might be useful: hummingbird forum network54

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