First Rubythroat of the Season!

hummersteveApril 29, 2013

Just like clockwork. ctnchpr reported his on april 9th and 20 days later my first appears just as its been the last few years.

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Congrats, Steve!!! They never cease to amaze me!

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I'm still anxiously waiting! Congrats Steve!

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Isn't it amazing how each season, they seem to show up at the very same time!!! For the past 2 yrs., my first sighting was on 3/18 and this year, 3/21. The males are always the first to arrive, but I did see one female about 10 days ago. Now there are several buzzing around. Got 3 feeders up and will gradually add more as the season progresses.

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

cool! I put up 2 feeders last night. Then peeked out the window a hundred times.

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Yes I always get a male first then a couple days later I see a female just like this year. I always get a kick out of them peeking around a feeder looking for you when they know you are there like this.

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dees_1(West TN - 7)

Hi folks! Haven't been posting here much and glad I found both hummersteve and ctnchpr posting! Been seeing the little ones for a while now, probably early April like ctnchpr, since we live fairly close to each other. My early season with hummers is rather slow; things pick up in July.

This year, I'll be looking out for my lone Black Chinned male I spotted two years ago.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

I am pretty sure one buzzed me a few weeks back near my quince, but I didn't see the source of the sound. This past weekend a male was out while I was picking up things in the garden and he did a few fly-bys to investigate me. I'm on year #2 of trying to put in more early food sources, such as honeysuckle vines, for them. Hopefully they find them later this season as they get taller so they know to come for them next year!

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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

A male scout showed up in my yard a couple weeks ago and now the girls are coming around. I have 3 feeders out at the moment. Soon my butterfly bush will bloom and the trumpet vine at the back of our yard. I have red rose bushes as well but never saw them going to the roses.

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