Weather Forcast...Not Good

moonwolf_gwAugust 24, 2010

Hi everyone,

Well, for Friday night here in Central PA, they're calling for temps in the 40's....which means back inside for my hoyas and other houseplants. I just broght in my orchid cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) today and it's hanging in the kitchen window. Summer's sure in a hurry to be over!

Friends go back to school and college next week as well.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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WOW 40's already!!!! It's been SO hot here this summer i'd almost be willing to say that i'm ready to see some 40 degree temps myself. BUT!!!! That would also mean having to haul a gazillion hoyas back into the gh which I am totally not ready to do just yet!!!

So far for the months of July and August we've had pretty constant temps of 95F or higher every day with heat indexes ranging anywhere from 105-115.

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lol I melt in the sun, so I'm ready for the cooler temperatures, too, but not for summer to be over. Maybe a nice long balmy fall?

I have noticed my morning walk to work boasts a significantly more enjoyable temperature, but we're still looking at evening temperatures in the mid-50s and 60s here in the midwest.

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David, we've had those hot days up here too. Usually it isn't until mid-afternoon that the temps start to go up. We've been lucky the past few days because of the rain and clouds we've been getting. When the sun does come out, it gets hot and humid very quickly. I'm sure the hoyas love that!!!

GG, I really don't want summer to be over either. However, I'm already looking forward to Halloween!

They say fall's like a second spring, bright colors everywhere. A lot of people here say fall's their favorite season because it's not too hot or cold.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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After this stifling summer, I AM ready for fall! For us, it's supposed to get down to about 55 tonight. Yay!

Brad, I wouldn't worry about the 40's unless they're talking about it staying in the 40's, or unless you grow yours in the wide open. If they're under trees, under eaves, close to the house... cooler temps won't hurt them at all as long as it's only for a few hours at at time. In fact, I find that cool night time temps often trigger budding. I don't grow many outside (though I keep the windows in my GH wide open, so the temp is usually close to outside temps), but I have left some out in temps as low as the upper 30's, within the confines of a covered porch, with no ill effect.

So there's my 2 cents worth - now that you've probably managed to haul them all inside!

Denise in Omaha

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Tee-hee Brad, you've even got Minnesota beat! No 40's yet, and nothing in sight. I'll grab the heat and humidity while I can 'cause I know what's just a few short months away...


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Denise, you know me all too well! I do have them all brought in, much to mom's suggestion. The only plant I do have outside now is my Thanksgiving cactus and my crown of thorns (which isn't in the best of health).

Lisa, you be sure to enjoy what remains of summer! I think what were getting Friday night is only a reminder that fall's right around the corner!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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It's going down to 14C/mid 50's here tonight so I am going to bring my Eriostemma lautherbachii in but the rest of the Hoyas that are outside will stay where they are.
Fall is a beautiful time of year but because it signals the onset of winter it will never be my favorite season. I have to admit that a walk in the forest when the leaves have changed colour and the smell of wet fallen leaves is wonderfully nostalgic for me though.


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I AM one of those people who claims Fall as their favorite season. And just for the reason Mike vetos it. Summer is just always too hot but there's no such thing as too cold. It makes me feel alive! Fall is that turning point that signals that the tide is turning and all those heat-loving people are going to have to scurry under rocks. ^_^

That said, I think I need to make a few more acquisitions before I'm ready to hunker down under the snow in my hoya nest.

Haha, Brad. I already have my Halloween costume. Weee!

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GG, what is your Halloween costume? Did you buy it or make it?

Mike, I have the same experience when I go on a walk around here! The scent of the wet fallen leaves just smells refreshing to me.

Oh, I forgot to say that my passiflora is still outside and it is not cold hardy. Good thing those temps aren't coming for a few days. There's no frost warning and where I had the plants they might have been safe since they're near the house. Like I said before, mom wanted them brought in. They would be in by next month anyway.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I'm going as Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece b/c I'm apparently a huge dork. ^_^ I bought a couple of pieces and made the rest.

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