My Chesterfield Missouri Hummers Have Returned

missouribobApril 25, 2007

It's been a long wait but just a few moments ago I saw my first hummer of 2007. What a relief! I was very concerned about that cold spell that rolled thru Missouri ( and most of the country) a couple of weeks ago.

But alas they have returned.

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I was fixing dinner and read your post. I started to answer you to whine about how I had not seen one yet this year. (Last year my first sighting was on April 6.) The timer on the oven went off so I got up to get dinner out.....and there she was!!! The first one at my window feeder for the year. What a coincidence. I live in St Louis county also, about 7 miles from Chesterfield. Have not seen a male and they usually arrive first. I hope that is not a bad sign.

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Mizmom, The one that I saw was a male. I usually don't see the little ladies for awhile. He stopped by my window feeder as well as the one I have in my back yard. I am just glad they are back.

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We had a brief visit from a male on the 19th then didn't see another one until the 23rd, another male, who started visiting my feeder regularly. Then a female showed up yesterday (25th). I wonder if the pairs travel together but the females stay back until the males make sure it's safe or if they really do travel separately.
Mizmom - I do think it's strange that the female showed up first. Hope there's a male around and you just haven't seen him yet. Or maybe it's a young female that didn't have a mate yet. ???
Do you have any hummingbird plants blooming right now? I don't at all but did go buy some annual red salvia for them. Wish I could find 'Lady in Red' but haven't seen any yet.

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It was always my understanding that the males migrated north first and then staked out "their territory". I don't think the males and females stay together for more than one season but I do not know that for sure. Actually I am not even certain that the males help with raising the young. I don't remember seeing pictures of males feeding babies or sitting on nests. Again, I am no expert and just enjoy feeding and watching them.

I do not really have much blooming since the freeze damaged alot my my tender landscaping. I did buy "lady in red's" at Weithop greenhouse in St Louis County but it's not blooming yet. My black and blue salvia, which seems to be a favorite, is coming up in the garden (for the 4th year) but it won't be blooming for awhile. I do have some blue Columbine blooming but I have never seen the hummingbirds near it. I also bought some red Pentas that I potted last weekend, but I have never seen them near Pentas either. .... but I do have 3 full feeders just waiting.

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Saw my first hummer on May 6 in the garden - a male. The male is always the first to appear every year. I guess the female nests first, then dominates the garden in 2-3 weeks, the kids following suit.
I have a lot of success with blue-black salvias. They love these plants, which bloom consistently up until winter.
I really think they hate going south later in the year they love these plants so much.

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Where are you located, Doug? I'd like to include you in the first sightings versus the map sightings thread, but I don't know your location and what map dot on the migration map is closest to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Migration Map

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