'Gunther's Prize' on Library Auction

trudy_gwMay 1, 2012

Anyone looking for a 'Gunther's Prize' hosta? Bernadine46 is offering a very nice division of a mature hosta.

Have bought from this seller and gotten very nice plants.

'GP' is a very difficult to find hosta. The division offered is nicely streaked!

I am not affiliated with this seller in any way. 'GP' is a hosta I really like!

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I agree with you Trudy. GP is a fun hosta to have in a collection. So far I have four big fat eyes coming up on mine and I am looking forward to it leafing out.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

For how much did 'Gunther's Prize' go? I just looked there and it no longer was available. Probably at least $100?
I registered with the registration not asking for a password. Then when I tried to bid on a plant, the site asked for my password and I had none. Then I tried to go to the administrator which required to use Outlook which I do not use, so did not get his Email address, so that try did not work at all.

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Gesila(MI Z5)


I was surprised noone bid on it. I bought it for the asking price of $75.00. I think this makes about 14 hostas I have with Sum and Substance in it. I should be getting Blizzard and Gunther's Prize within day of each other.

A few months back, the HL deleted everyone's account and you were required to create a new one. I recreated my account this afternoon and placed the bid.


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Gesila(MI Z5)

Oh, and thank you Trudy for providing the reference on the seller.

Now, if I could just find Joyce Trott....


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I was thinking of bidding, but when I saw another bid I thought it was someone from this forum (I actually thought it was Robyn) and so I let it go. Trying to show restraint. I should have known it was Gesilla.


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bernd ny zone5(5)

I probably automatically got my password via Email from Bob Axmear, so I seem to be set now for bidding. Starting this weekend the Hosta Seed Grower Forum's Auction starts, will watch that. $75 is above my hosta limit anyway, but might have bought it...

When you Google for 'Gunther's Prize', In the Country sells Gunther's Prize Rim' for $25 which they write is the common stable form of the streaker 'Gunther's Prize'. So it seems separating G.P.Rim from G.P. is required periodically.

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Hi Steve,
I appreciate your bidding restraint on my behalf - however it was not me. My User name for the library auction is actually the same as the one I use on this forum - hostabuff. I believe you have a picture of Rick G's Gunther's Prize and know how beautiful a big one can be. Everyone should have GP!

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What is the difference between 'Blizzard' and Gunther's Prize'?? They are both streaked sports of S&S, no? Are they both fertile?

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Yes both are fertile, but the percentage of getting strong seedlings is low. I have gotten a seedling from each of the mentioned.

Rick G's photo of 'GP" is one of the best around! Have seen it in person and its a beauty.

Anybody here win the 'GP' on the Hosta Library? Dawn's Bloomers may have more. Keep checking the auction, you never know!
Don't forget the HostaGrowersSeed Auction is coming up on May 5-12.....

Looking forward to seeing the one of a kind hostas on the auciton!

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