If you had to pick?

marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)April 13, 2008

If you had to pick one plant to attract hummers what would that plant be? I am looking to use plants to attract the hummers instead of using feeders. I have had a major ant problem in the past, and that's why I have decided not to use feeders.



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IF I had to pick one, I guess I'd say Bee Balm. My Jack Russel knocks the stems over every year, and I've seen hummers on the ground drinking out of the flowers. Christy :)

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Coral honeysuckle vine. They come right up on our deck to get the flowers.

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They love cypress and cardinal vine here. I'm calling these "one" plant because I grow them on the same trellis. :)

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I would say the purple portersweed.
My 7 species of hummers, favourite!

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Be awfully difficult to pick one. Here in North Texas in my yard, the hummers love (not in any order & probably leaving out many others):

Desert Willow
Rose of Sharon (Althea)
Mexican Sage
Trumpet Vine
Pomegranate (maybe my overall favorite for them & me)

In Florida, you have all those wonderful tropical choices, don't you?


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First choice would be "Walker's Low Catmint (Nepeta). It's a lavender blue color - sometimes called poor man's lavender - tho it doesn't have the lavender scent.

The hummers love it despite the color and it's a tough-as-nails, drought resisitant perennial that will bloom almost frost to frost if dead-headed.

2nd choice russian sage - another wrong color hummer fav with alot of the same qualities as the nepeta - only taller with a July to frost bloom period.

3rd choice coral honeysuckle, either Dropmore scarlet or Alabama crimson - wonderful vines with good repeat bloom that don't take up too much space.

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My hummers love:

Passiflora ceurulea (Blue Crown)
Salvia 'Black and Blue'
Red and White Cypress Vine
Honeysuckle (yellow)

I bought a Cape Fuchsia (red blooming; Iochroma) this year to try and see how they would like that, too.

I've noticed also that they like to have tall sticks and flower stalks to perch on.


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I would choose Ocotillo, they are blooming as we speak. Very lovely and the hummers seam to really stay on the flowers and later return for more.

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marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)

Thanks everyone for your replies. Right now I have a coral honeysuckle vine (just planted), and a couple of firespike plants. My firespike was blooming in Oct & Nov and hasn't bloomed since. So I am trying to find something that will bloom longer.I had one little hummer that was visiting until the firespike quit blooming. I know that the hummers are suppose to stay in FL until sometime in March. Hopefully I will have more things blooming by their next visit.

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For the hummers in my Washington garden, the plant hit the most is Penstemon barbatus. Second would be Agastache 'Acupulco Salmon and Pink'.


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yardenman(z7 MD)

I need to grow some of the flowers mentioned above. But here, they really love my butterfly bushes (buddleia). When they aren't at my nectar feeders, that's where they are!

A 6' buddleia active with butterfies, hummers, and hummingbird moths (sphynx moths?) is a wonderful sight!

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I have tried a lot of recommended plants including salvia, agastache, honeysuckle, buddleia and others.

Monarda Jacob Cline was the most attractive by far. Black and Blue Salvia was also very attractive.

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Pentas! Hummingbirds can't get enough of them. I grew them as perennials down in Florida...here they have to be annuals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pentas

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Petunias or Buddalia (Butterfly Bush)
Maybe the petunia would be preferred- only because of it's season long bloom......

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Mine go after shrimp plants and firespike, red salvia and
petunias are favorites also

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firebush, always in bloom, berries for other birds, and a host plant for a sphynx moth.also not bad to look at and very easy to grow.second choice is red powder puff.

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