Cornus Kousa Fruit recipes?

harvestingfilth(6-6B)October 25, 2009

Does anybody have a recipe for Cornus Kousa fruit? I see a small discussion on the edible landscaping forum, but no recipes. My parents have two trees that are loaded with huge sweet fruit and I'd love to make jam, jelly or anything yummy with them.

Any ideas?


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No recipe per se that I know of. Are you talking about something made with pectin, or just naturally thickened by cooking down with a lot of sugar?

However you do it, I'd throw a little lemon juice in there as well, it enhances pretty much anything.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I didn't think they were even edible! But if they are, they should be easily substituted in most fruit jelly/jam recipe. Anyone have an idea if they are acidic pH like most fruits or low-acid like figs? If not, the adding the lemon juice would definitely be a good idea.


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I googled and found that the fruit are both edible and suitable for making wine. That said making jelly or anything else should be fine.

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Definitely edible. I made a tiny sample (like a cup) of jam/sauce from the ones from my tree 2 years ago, just to see what it like. Just smushed them through a sieve to remove skin and seeds, and cooked it up with some sugar and squeeze of lemon in the microwave. It was fine, not too disimilar to the sauce from my Cornus maas, which tastes like a blend of sour cherry and cranberry.

They must be dead ripe, though, to be good. If they're not, they have both some astringency (tannins, I guess) and a sort of musky or skunky aftertaste.

I have no idea about the pH. I pretty much add lemon juice to EVERYTHING I make, jam/jelly/presevere/sauce wise, both as a preservative and a flavor ehnancer.

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