Finally Got Them!

mbuckmaster(7B/NC)April 6, 2008

I've had the feeders out for almost a month, and have been changing them religiously every 4 days (2 when it got a little warmer twice). Checking...checking...nothing...hummers sighted in my area on 3/21...still nothing...

Then today I went to fetch the small watering can I keep underneath my front feeder, and nearly screamed when I heard a violent buzzing almost right in my ear. I was sure I disturbed a hornet nest, or something. Then immediately my memory awakened, and I realized what it really was...staked out the front window for a few minutes, and a tired wet female ruby throat flew up and was gulping down sugar water as fast as she could. She stayed up there for almost a full minute! Then she flew away, and I did a little dance in the front hall. They're finally back!!! =)

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I know that thrill all to well, too. Congratulations!

The last three years (not this year though), the hummingbirds always appeared right up against my back sliding glass door. It seemed they were saying to me "we're back! were's the juice?" Actually, it was always one hummer who would do this and I enjoyed thinking he/she knew the drill - I'd see it and run to fill the feeders.

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Me too. I had four feeders out for two weeks and didn't see a single hummer. Then last Wednesday, 2 April, I saw my first one of the season. Not on a feeder though, he was making the rounds in my wildflower garden out back. The only thing blooming out there right now is the Indian paintbrush, but the little guy hit all of them while I watched. SHTB-So happy they're back!! Cheryl

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I thought I saw one today but it was a quick fly-by. I still don't know for sure. I've been busy working in the back yard and I haven't had any visitors to the back feeders that I've definitely seen, but they may be in the front where it isn't so crazy. I did fence off the area of the back feeder to keep the dogs away.

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I saw my first yesterday, I walked into my dining room and of the deck window box was a beautiful Ruby Throated Male visiting my flowers in the window box! I'm now anxiously watching my feeders!! :-)

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I have seen a few, may still be a little early. This morning I was watering some Salvia I had set out. A Male Rubythroat came over and sat on a dwarf Crepe Myrtle about two feet from me, and about 2 feet off the ground. he sat there letting the gentle spray hit him. He preened under his wings and his tail, then rubbed his beak side to side on the branch He then flapped his wings to dry them, and repeated the procedure a few more times. It was so sweet to watch him. Hummers are my absolute favorite bird.

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I have suspected them but finally saw the first one a couple days ago. A RT and one I haven't id yet were at the feeder yesterday.


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It's heating up so quickly here that I was shocked this morning to see some mold floating in the nectar of one of my feeders. It had only been three days since a change...guess I'm already back to my two-day rotation.

I hope the hummers forgive me!

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bluebirdman12(zone 5)

Wow you're all mso lucky! None here in ohio yet and today it was 77 degrees!!!

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I saw my first little male this weekend too!! I was out on our deck Saturday and heard him before I saw him. It brought tears to my eyes!! I was completely startled by the buzzing like you's been too long since I've heard it and didn't immediately recognize his "hello!" He was back again yesterday, so I hope he's the beginning of my regulars coming home!!!!

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