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Linda's Garden z6 UtahMay 25, 2014

I have had Francee for close to 20 yrs now and last year one eye came up streaky. I left it alone and now this year it has 2 eyes like that. It was on the edge of the plant so this morning I separated it from the main plant.

I hope this is a sport and not a disease. What do you all think? I have never had a plant do this before but I like it!


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Gesila(MI Z5)

Awesome, it looks like a sport to me. I love the colors on it and you did a great job separating it.

The colors in it a very similar to my Patriot that sported. Of course, Francee is Patriot's ggggg grand parent, or something like that.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont see any disease ...

put some masking tape around the petioles.. just under the huge leaf tops.. and leave it there.. until it falls off ...

and cut the one off.. that is already cracked... leave the celery stalk ...


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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Thanks Ken, I will get the tape out right away. I tried really hard not to crack any of the stems but one got broke anyway.


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Very nice, we'd all love to find a sport like that one.


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Nice sport, hope it does well for you. Just one more reason to love your Francee. ; )

Don B.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

I have a streaked sport of Francee, as well. There is one other member that has a streaked sport of Francee, but hers darkens up and turns into a Francee look-alike later in the season. Here's mine:

I actually got two different sports off of the same plant. Here's the other sport of Francee:

There's a lot of white on this one, so I'm not holding my breath on it making it into another season, but we shall see.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Thanks everyone! I am hoping it grows into a nice plant. I know it kept it's color last year, so I assume it will this year too.

Funn- I love the 1st picture you posted! It's interesting to see how many different sports this plant can have. Keep us posted on how that one grows.


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