Suggestions for hummingbird feeder

Poodle_Mom(US 7/8)April 4, 2013

Anybody have suggestions for hummingbird feeders that don't attract wasps? The hummers love to vist my purple petunias I put out every year and I used to have a couple of feeders for them but the feeders attracted the wasps horribly!

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Try a hummzinger. I had a wasp problem too and it was quickly eliminated. If you discover the wasps drinking from the ant moat just fill it with soapy water. It will poison them without harming the hummers. Great feeder!! Here's pic from my garden. It is the hummzinger little fancy.

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I like the fact you were able to get robin in the photo also.

I too suggest a hummzinger as the answer to a wasp problem. I have the excel hummzinger.

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Thanks hummersteve :) I like your hummingbird pictures they are so funny! I like the robin too.

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I only use "Par-a-sol" brand anymore. I personally don't like the way the plastic looks in my gardens.

Parasol makes quite a few different styles, but I have a couple of the type pictured. I have had bees and wasps investigate, but quickly give up on the endeavor. I have read somewhere that a bee got into the glass flower, but they also sell "bee-proof" replacements that have a much smaller diameter to prevent that.

The top on the kind I have is the perfect size to get in and give it a good scrub, there's no places for bacteria to hide, etc. It is not ideal for high wind areas because it just sits on top to close, but I hang mine off of my deck and it really does take HIGH wind because of the weight for this to be a concern, in my opinion.

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