cloudy feeder?

donnas_gw(7)April 16, 2008

Did someone say that hummingbirds will not feed from a cloudy feeder? I've had this one feeder for several years now, and the clear plastic part that holds the nectar isn't clear any longer. It's like the sun has faded it over the summers. Am I wasting my time with this one, or is there something I can use to clean it that would make it clear again? Thanks.

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IT is not that the feeder container itself is cloudy, but if the solution gets cloudy. That usually indicates mold or that the solution is going bad. I can't imagine that the feeder container being cloudy would have any effect. They aren't attracted to the sight of the liquid, but red on the feeder.


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I would try a little vinegar or bleach and rinse it out well. If that doesnt take it off, I would get another feeder.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

The feeder itself being cloudy doesn't bother my hummers at all.

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That's very interesting. I have another feeder question and wanted some feed back on this idea. I have a typical glass feeder with the four stations and yellow wasp guards. When I get any kind of wind, the feeder drips. I was thinking of putting a small drop of glue at the tip of each feeder, on the lower rim, to narrow the hole, so that the dripping will stop. The wasps are having a picnic and I thought this would change the height of the nectar. I don't want to poison the hummers or make the opening too narrow that it creates a problem. What do you pros think of this idea?

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dominidan, If the opening in your glass feeder is around 1" in diameter, you can lower the nectar level by inserting a tight fitting plastic tube and trimming it so it protrudes anywhere from 1/8" to 3/8", depending on how much you want to lower the level.

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Thank you so much for answering, ctnchpr. The hummers haven't arrived yet and I figure I have time to play around with this feeder. I tried narrowing the smaller holes, where the flowers attach, with non toxic glue. It was still dripping a bit. Nice to talk to the professionals. Thanks again.

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