hummingbird surprising info

hummersteveApril 8, 2007

After fliping through some sites on hummers I came across this surprising info with photos as proof. Some scientists with high speed video stills have shown how hummers can open the beaks to catch flies. Their lower beaks actually bend to an amazing 20 degrees. Maybe some of you had seen this or had this knowledge , but I did not and thought it interesting enough to list here. Seeing is believing.

Here is a link that might be useful: how hummer beaks can open

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I read your link. Went on to read and post then went back and read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Amazing Info in that article and just as amazing are the pics--Thank you!!!

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hummersteve, Interesting article. When I worked at the aviary, we kept lots of bowls of rotting fruit around to encourage fruit flies. From time to time, I actually witnessed the various hummingbirds snapping fruit flies out of the air! I marvelled that they could do that with those skinny little bills. Of course, I had no idea that they were bending their bills and moving them to the side! How weird and wonderful.

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Amity and Kristin

Just got a call from my sister who is visiting her aunt and friends in Arizona, well thats in the desert [spelling] anyway she was on a ladder picking oranges and this hummer landed not a foot from her head just watching her , every time she moved the ladder to a different spot the hummer would also move close to my sister, so she assumed the hummer had a nest in the tree but she never did see that nest, but the hummer just kept her eye on my sister , I had to laugh at her , I also had feeling of awe and jealousy. She said there are lots of hummers there, said the temps were in the 90s, but she didnt want to come back here till it warmed up. You may not have interest in this , but I thought you might being the hummer lovers that you are.

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That is so interesting! I have taken pictures that show the beak open, but I never imagined that it could open that wide. Thank you for sharing the information.

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Caught this video on MSN this morning. Notice the tails on these hummers.

Here is a link that might be useful: rare hummingbirds

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