Mother has deserted her nest! HELP

cphil19April 12, 2008

A couple days ago, I happened to find a small hummingbird's nest outside my apartment. The thing is, my friend accidentally touched a surrounding leaf and thats how we stumbled upon it. But when my friend touched the leaf, the mother was alerted and TOOK OFF. I have not seen the mother since. Now every time I look, the baby birds have their beaks in the air, probably starving cause I'm thinking the mother and abandoned the nest. What can I do?!?!!

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They're fine. They wouldn't last a couple days without mom feeding them. I have a nest in my rose bush and I probably scare the mother away dozens of times a day. After the chicks hatch she spends most of her time getting food for them.
Feeding Time

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Cphil please read this handout from Project Wildlife. They deal with a lot of hummingbirds every year including "orphan" babies that should have been left alone. The most important part is on the second page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Project Wildlife Hummer Hints

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Dellwo, nice video, but that looked like it hurt!

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